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Bye-Bye Metrosexual Men, Hello Lumbersexuals… And Flannel Shirts !

The trend columnists had marveled en masse at the rise of the metrosexual man at the start of the 21st century. But metrosexual men now seems to be men of past times as the latest trend repots favors men who look more rugged., have beards that are best kept bushy and unkempt. Celebrities such as Ben Affleck and David Beckham are seen already rocking this lumbersexual look that is a stark contrast to the overly-groomed men.

Now, lumbersexual doesn’t necessarily mean that one has to know how to chop firewood! But then, women don’t seem to mind that either. They seem to be taking quite a fascination of the bearded man. Growing at the same pace is the rise of the best flannel shirts men. Well, because how can a hot, hipster lumberjack look ever be complete without wholesale flannel shirts! Plaids are like the epitome of contemporary fashion and though they have been around for years, it is only recently that flannels are having their moment in flannel fashion and are even seen gracing runways.

This fall/winter season, it is time to break out those flannels, keep the beard and give women some serious fashion goals to work on.

Choose Flannel Shirts from a Plethora of Colors

Flannel plaids today are made available by designers and manufacturers in myriad hues and tones. Apart from the common grey and black checks, red and black checks, today plaids are available in gorgeous color combinations as well as shades.

Layer It Up or Accessorize!

Plaids look comfortably relaxed, cool and laid-back and exude a whole lot of attitude. But then, men wouldn’t just want to look OKAY! They would have to make a statement wherever they go…the easiest way is to layer it up! A smart leather jacket maybe on top of the flannel shirt or a shirt on top of a super funky graphic tee and it can be worn over shredded denims, shorts or with smart blue or black denims. Beenies or a pair of really cool wayfarers is all the accessories that a guy would need to make women go weak in their knees!

Flannel Plaids Not Reserved Just for Men Anymore!

Women too are craving for a piece of that sensual, lumbersexual charm! Flannel shirts layered up, tucked in or tied around the waist are seriously becoming a favorite among women. And nobody is complaining because these shirts instantly adds an edginess to any ensemble that it is paired up with and it can be just as easily dressed down as up.

So, if you thought the plaids were going away any time soon, they’re not. In fact, they keep coming back in the fashion scene stronger than ever. Spice up your existing collection by topping it up with bulk flannel clothing in the hottest and latest styles of the season.

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