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Did You Know This About Flannel?

Flannel fabric refers to synthetic, cotton, or woolen fabric and has innovative properties like softness and brushed texture. Did you know that as per research, the first flannel was manufactured in the UK and came to be largely used in France in the 17th C?

4 Awe-Inspiring Facts About Flannel

For almost 3 centuries, flannel has been a famous fabric and due to its comfort, softness, and warmness, people loved the loosely woven fabric. You will get to know certain facts about flannel now that you might not know.

  • There are many people (and you can be one of them) who believe that flannel is a fabric constructed out of synthetic material. While it’s true, this is also true that nothing can come close to organic flannel. And, if you are wondering ‘’something like organic flannel exists?!’’ then of course, yes! Flannel can be both organic as well as synthetic! However, never believe those companies that try to sell the ‘’100% organic flannel’’ lie to you. Remember, there is nothing called 100% pure organic flannel. So, always shop for flannel with caution and ignore brands that claim such a thing. Are you a business owner reading this blog and thinking about where to grab striking, comfortable wholesale flannel clothing for your store? Without waiting a minute more, place your bulk order from one of the best flannel clothing manufacturers usa today!
  • Flannel comes with exceptional heat retention properties that make it a terrific option for winter clothing, pajamas, and blankets. However, do you know that flannel is known for its moisture-wicking properties as well? It doesn’t trap the moisture but does a great job repelling it. Top-quality flannel constructed out of wool material is comfortable, warm, and breathable. If you pour some water on a wool-based flannel shirt then it’s going to stay dry due to its hydrophobic outer layer and hydrophilic inner layer.
  • Believe it or not, many women and men still argue about flannel fabric. In fact, it’s a hot topic of discussion. While due to its comfort and softness, women consider it a feminine fabric, men say flannel symbolizes manliness and masculinity. Though it’s a never-ending debate, flannel looks good on both men as well as women. The fabric is well-suited for both guys as well as girls and has been a constant, reliable companion of humans for years.
  • In the late 19th C, when the US was still in the transitional period, Flannel, already been used during the Civil War as a tough, cheap material for four-button coats and undershirts of soldiers, next came to be used by construction and railroad workers as work overall and one-piece union suits.

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