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Flannel Shirt Outfits For Women Who Vibe EXTRAA!!!

The flannel shirt is a popular closet staple. However, you can mold this classic attire in unique attires that will definitely help you show off your bold style aesthetics. So given in the blog below are a few fresh ways to rework the flannel outfit to suit your extra style!

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  • You can dress up an oversize flannel shirt with a denim skirt. It’s not your prim and proper outfit, but still feels fashionable because of items like your slide-on booties and polka dot bucket handbag. Give this easy untucked ensemble a try when you’re not in an outfit-making mood and would rather be in unicorn pajamas.
  • Women tend to wear the flannels as part of a tried and tested look. This time break away from the traditional look and instead, rock it underneath a leather dress like a fashion influencer would do. The unexpected combo feels fresh and edgy, especially if you get a hold of a fitted mini-dress.
  • The oversize flannel embodies the coziness of your boyfriend’s, but fits properly around your shoulders and arms. Rather than pairing the top with jeans, wear it with a pair of joggers. Not only are they loose-fitting and therefore more comfortable, but they also imbue your outfit with a semi-sporty vibe.
  • Did you hear? Corduroy pants are back and they make for an easy upgrade to your standard jeans-and-flannel combo. As a fashionista pair your flannel with camel-colored bottoms and accessorize with pops of yellow to continue the golden vibes. A white mule with a low block heel will makes the outfit look chic and modern.
  • Unlike bulky wool sweaters, flannels are optimized for layering. If you want to be a street style star then nailed the look by wearing your flannel over a graphic pullover, then add a leather jacket with a furry trim on top. Trendy elements like blue sunglasses and a unique pair of boots will give the outfit an A-plus in fashion.

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