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Flannel Shirts Are the Hottest Thing to Stock Up On This Season!!

Suit up this fall to wield an axe, to hike or look really cool…the flannel shirt is back and it has become the uniform of the outdoors this autumn! And mind you, they’re a far cry from the ’90s grunge, lumberjack-looking shirts. They’re not scratchy, more tech and offer all-round comfort. Men and women of all ages and from all walks of life are going to practically be seen living in this trend in 2016!

What’s Not to Like About Flannels?

Flannel shirts wholesale are simply great…they’re classic, will keep you warm and oh, they’ll make you look great awesome! These shirts have gone through and affected a million lives from being the quintessential badass mountain man shirt to being the dad shirt and then there were the likes of Kurt Cobain and the rest of the ’90s grunge scene. These shirts are so fabulous that they’re going to make you look beyond perfect whether you are tromping through the fall foliage with your partner or sitting around the campfire with your buddies. You can even take your favorite flannel shirts to work by pairing it up with the right outerwear and bottoms!!

Works Great with Anything in the Closet

Plaid shirts look superb with any kind of bottom clothing – shorts, trousers, denims, skirts and even leggings. These shirts can be effortlessly layered up with solid or graphic printed tee and left unbuttoned or with leather jackets, hoodies or any other stylish outerwear. It also looks great when casually tied around the waist! Women can wear flannel shirts as an outerwear with dresses to give it a fashionable edge to feminine outfits. Megan Fox and Avril Lavigne is a huge follower of this trend and they absolutely nail that ‘tough yet adorable chic’ look. As for the guys, check out Bradley Cooper!

Since a lot of corporate organizations are lowering down their strict dress codes, a lot of professionals are opting for wearing flannels to work as well. It can be layered up with a smart-looking sweater or with a well-tailored suit jacket or blazer. Looking sharp yet stylish is not a problem anymore!

Flannel shirts are available in gorgeous color combinations today and varying sizes of patterns and checks. As a retailer, it would do you good to stock up on different wholesale flannel shirts in bulk. For that, get in touch with a reputed manufacturer and wholesale supplier and flood your inventory with the hottest trend of the season!

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