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Flannel Shirts: The Ultimate Guide to Wear A Flannel Shirt for 3 Occasions

It was during the 17th century that the Scottish farmers thought that it would be a nice idea to come with a piece of cloth that was thick enough to protect them from the harsh winters. They did work hard for it. Well, not that they cared much about fashion; the piece that they come up with was surely an eye-catcher. No wonder we still have it today, ranking in the top echelons of the fashion circuit.

There is no doubting the fact that flannel is truly a wonder. Yarned from both cotton and wool, this particular fabric is known for being comfortable and stylish at the same time. Balancing out both it the right proportions, flannel is extremely versatile.

In fact, the flamboyance of flannel is what makes it great! Though much of it is associated with casual grunge and cowboy extravagance, it is their ability to match up the expectation of the different occasions that adds to their popularity. But how do you roughly incorporate a high-on-casual-tone t-shirt for a formal occasion?

To guide your way and provide you with enough insight, here are three ways in which you can wear a flannel shirt for different occasions.

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For a strict formal appearance

The appeal of any outfit can be heightened if worn in the right fit and right combination. Since flannel shirts come in mono colors as well (and not only plaid to say the least), you can opt for a dark shade and wear it inside a nice tailored suit. A pair of derby to complement the ensemble and no accessories to wear as such, this is the perfect combination you can opt for if conventionalism is what you are looking for.

Just a point to remember- Choose a neutral shade for your suit to keep the look grounded and effective. For the non-plaid wholesale flannel shirt, check out the collection of the top manufacturers who have assembled wholesale flannel tee shirts and shirts.

For a smart casual uproar

Flannel and smart have a long history of togetherness. It is their affinity to blend well with each other that makes them a perfect combination to try. Pick a plaid flannel shirt in any of its basic colors (red, black, blue or green) and team it with a pair of chinos. Throw over an unstructured blazer over and for footwear wear a nice pair of a loafer. All you need is a killer attitude and you will be golden, garnering all the attention from the ladies around.

For its origin- the grunge

Since it is grunge that we are aiming for, you can exploit the look as much as you want, but a personal favorite is definitely the ‘use your shirt like a jacket’ look. Do not be afraid to combine two very popular trends at one go. So a graphic tee and a flannel shirt loosely hanging on top is quite the flag bearer of grunge. A pair of jeans and plimsolls will complete the appearance. Like a rockstar, keep your ensemble simple and let the flannel shirt do all the talking.

Thus, it can be very well established that a flannel shirt is a shirt for all occasions. It has already found a place in your wardrobe, but utilize it in the most conspicuous way to stand out in the crowd every time you make an appearance.

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