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Grow Your Business with Help from Custom Flannel Shirts Manufacturer!

Apparel business might be a booming industry, but it is also a complicated one at that; and without the right partnerships and associations, yours can suffer setbacks that will plummet your business dreams and get you back to working for someone else – and while no one wants that to happen, one would be rather surprised to know how often that is the case.

But, there is no need to worry, because if you make the right informed choices, then these business associations can help your trade go a long way and build a brand for yourself. The differences lie only in what you choose and that is where you have to be careful and judge each option for what they are, rather than what they might seem at the moment. Remember, top businesses are always built with vision and far sight and short benefits can be very deceiving.

Coming to your apparel business, flannel has been one of the more popular fabrics for decades and has established itself as a style classic, be it the wholesale flannel shirts of the Grunge music age in the 90’s or the lumberjack and cowboy designs that have been there forever. It is a smart choice to make if you include flannel products in your apparel retail store inventory or distributorship. To make a more convincing case, here is 5 reasons why that might work for your business –

5 Reasons to Include Flannel Products in Your Inventory

1. It has stood the test of time

Flannel garments have stood the test of time and flannel shirts have gained an almost cult like status, and become something that is celebrated by all kinds of people with diversified fashion sensibilities. It is this tenacity that flannel shirt has shown in an ever-changing world of fashion, that should assure you to choose flannel products for retail or distributorship is a good idea.

2. It is comfortable

Flannel garments are very comfortable and while there are different blends of flannel products today, most are made from natural fibers and have no irritative effect on the skin itself. In fact, the material and fabric can be worn consecutively and there is no likeness of it starting to stink after just one wear. It is this comfort that when matched with its unique style makes a timeless piece of clothing that is here to stay.

3. It has its loyal followers

Like any other classic dressing sensibility, flannel too has its loyal followers who are flocking to stores and getting their best pick on the kind of flannel shirts they like. For a retail store without flannel garments, tapping into this crowd of loyalists will be impossible and it would be a shame when you convert it to the business opportunity that you are losing.

Also, one must make sure that they stock only the best quality of flannel and plaid shirts, even if it costs a little more. Since these clothes loyalists have made this garment a crucial part pf their wardrobe, it is unlikely that they will settle for anything that is below a certain standard. Therefore, to really make the most of this target group, bring in the best designs and quality of flannel shirts and other clothing possible!

4. Plenty of variations

Flannel shirts have a lot going for them when it comes to variation and that is what has kept it on the top rungs of the best shirt types ladder for many years. From plaid to solid monochromes and a host of different color combinations to its ability to take any shape without being tacky – be it full sleeved, half sleeved, or sleeveless.

Once you start getting flannel shirts into your store, the diversity is going to be a total hit with your customers, and your business graph is going to climb the charts.

5. Very Durable

When a fabric or garment is durable, it is easier for the retailer or distributor to take care of the stocks without having to be too delicate with it. Fragile fabrics, on the other hand, need to be handled very gently and that almost always ends up in more expenses.

These are the 5 reasons why introducing flannel shirts and other garments to your distributorship or retail shop is a good idea and will help your business grow. However, that is only possible when you find a good manufacturer of flannel clothing – an enterprise that has the repute, capacity, and diligence to make your business grow along with its own. But how could you be sure of that?

Don’t worry! This blog has got it figured and is going to let you know what you should look for in a flannel shirt and clothing manufacturer so that you make the right choice and thus give your business a better growing opportunity. Now let’s take a look at –

The 6 Qualities that Your Flannel Clothing Manufacturer Must Have (For Your Business Benefit)

1. Variety in Types and Designs

Being a manufacturer is like owning a candy shop – one must have enough variety to ensure that whoever takes a look at the inventory doesn’t click their way out of the catalog. And this is the first quality you should check in your potential manufacturer, too. Not just in the design variations of a particular type of clothing, but also the different types too, from shirts to bed sheets, crop tops, dresses, and jackets among others. Having both horizontal and vertical diversity ensures that the relationship you build with your manufacturer will remain long term rather than fizzling out when you feel that they don’t have something more to offer!

2. Free Sampling

If variety is the initial catch that has got you hooked, then the next one should be the free sampling part. No matter how impressive the products look on the website or on their paper catalog, getting a quality test is very important, since you are looking to place bulk orders and that involves a lot of investment. However, you should not have to pay for the sample, because that just seems like a waste if you are not satisfied. Most top flannel clothing manufacturers offer free samples to their potential clients and with good reason – they know what they make and are confident that their product is definitely going to set itself apart from the rest.

3. Custom Design Specifications

While catalogs and brochures may be impressive, it is quite obvious that businesses who want to offer something unique to their customers will specify different designs that they want to incorporate in their bulk order products and this is what separates the top flannel clothing manufacturers from the amateurs. Abiding to specific designs on different bulk orders needs a more specialized manufacturing unit, especially on the infrastructure and man power level. So, a good way to make sure that your flannel manufacturer is of quality is to check for this feature.

4. Minimum Order Quantities

The 4th feature on the list that is indispensable to a quality flannel clothing manufacturer is the low minimum order quantity; this sends the message to retailers and distributors that the manufacturer is willing to work out a situation that will help it partner with apparel businesses of all size. This is not just good for their business in terms of better network and goodwill, but also helps you stick to your strategy rather than order more in bulk so that you get it from a top manufacturer. Low MOQs go a long way into giving your apparel business the space it needs to breathe and operate freely.

5. Discount Options

Bulk deliveries mean a matter of lump some cash exchange is involved between two businesses, and it is the duty of the one purchasing to ensure that they get the best prices in order to keep a higher profit margin (increases profits per unit) or a lower profit margin (increases profit per batch) according to their business strategy and set the revenue graph rolling as fast as possible. Discounts play a crucial role in this system, especially on orders that are way above the minimum order quantity. A top manufacturer must let his clients avail discounts on bigger orders, to encourage them to buy more and set his own ball rolling in the right direction at the right time.

6. Delivery Options

Large bulk orders can cost a fortune and delivery! So depending on your priorities, you should make sure that it is as less as possible. Why? Because delivery expenses are a liability to your apparel business as they do not contribute in any way to your revenue earning model. Therefore, free deliveries are a huge plus and even if they charge for deliveries, manufacturers should actually provide options that are very affordable for all sizes of apparel distributors and businessmen, to ensure a healthy and long-lasting relationship between them and their clients.

With the help of these 6 parameters, you will be able to narrow down on the best private label flannel clothing wholesalers and manufacturers in no time and if you build up the right relationship, then it will help your business grow exponentially. Here’s how your flannel shirts producer could be the amplifier of your apparel retail or distributorship needs –

4 Ways How Flannel Manufacturers Help Your Business Progress

1. Help you with logo printing

If you are planning to build your own brand from your retail or distributorship business, then the right manufacturer can give you a lot leverage with their logo printing services on blank flannel shirts and other garments. This way, not only will you be selling stuff made by others, but also be able to slowly introduce more of your vision into the apparel industry! A definite yes, isn’t it?

2. Their Quality will Bring You More Customers = Revenue

Once you have sampled the clothing and checked the other parameters a flannel manufacturer must have, be sure that its high-quality is going to create a word-of-mouth wildfire, bringing you more customers and spinning the revenue meter at blistering speeds. It’s kind of a chain reaction that comes with educated business choices and a lot of diligence.

3. Labeling for custom orders

Once your retail, private label, or distributorship products gain the trust of the clients, there will be people coming up to you for custom orders. These may be for groups, corporate offices, or teams, among other associations and you will need a top flannel shirt and clothing manufacturer to deal with such custom needs within a short span of time.

If your product is able to impress these custom volume orders, your business will climb another rung towards becoming a name that people respect by its own merits.

4. Unique Customization

Even in your regular stocks, if you want to move away from the same old things available and flourishing the flannel market, then you must take your design ideas to your manufacturer, so that your business always remain a haven for unique apparel options. In the clothing industry, it is the ones that stand out which gain the most brownie points from their customers rather than the ones who just order and stack.

But implementing designs to already decided flannel shirts and clothing templates, only come with a certain degree of expertise that top manufacturers command. Another perk of joining guns with a reputed producer of custom flannel clothing.

If you implement all that is advised in this blog to your apparel business, starting from introducing flannel clothes to your inventory, to hiring and partnering with the right wholesale flannel clothing manufacturer, and then finally getting a helping hand from them to grow your business, then you are bound to make a headway in your journey real fast. At the end of the day, all of it depends on the kind of initiative you take and the choices you make for your business and for yourself.

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