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How to Perfect the Flannel Traveler Look for Men and Women?

Flannel has always been the outdoor person’s fabric with its durability and comfort factor, that has made it so popular among people of all classes. With traveling taking up such a huge chunk of today’s trending diagram, flannel could help you keep it stylish if you can master the traveler look. Want to know how? Let’s take a look and start with the ladies –

1. Women’s Flannel Traveler Look

Women have a lot of options in flannel traveler look – and that is one of the reasons why they find it fascinating. There is the classic look of boyfriend’s flannel shirt – one with the oversized shirt and folded sleeves – layered over white tank tops and boyfriend’s distressed jeans. Combat shoes go well with this look and you can also add a cowboy hat, a metal pendant tied to a string around your neck, and a few metal and leather finish bracelets, to give the look its finishing touches. If you have long hair, then tie it up in a messy braid, and the short hair dames can let it loose.

Adding your favorite aviator or wayfarer sunglasses is a welcome change!

This is look number one – a tomboyish traveler look for women who like to keep things real – now let us take a look at a more girly yet empowering traveler look with flannel garments.

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To complete this one, you need a checked flannel skirt or frock – if you are going for the skirt, then pair it with camo or solid neutral colored t-shirt on top. Then add in a bit of layer with a faded ice blue denim jacket that is well- fitted – and a bit of crazy embroidery is no harm.

The boots to the dress remain the same – combat or desert style – and you can add a backpack or a sling bag for an added effect. Show off those legs in the skirt and add in a bit of retro with a traveler’s scarf neatly tied around your neck. You can let your hair loose or tie it up in a horse tail/ pony tail – depending on the kind of attitude you want to carry.

2. Men’s Flannel Traveler Look

Now that the women’s section is taken care of, let’s take a look at the traveler fashion that wholesale mens flannel shirts can create for the Martians. Let’s start with the classic –

This one requires you to wear your flannel checked shirt buttoned up to your pecs and pair it with khaki or neutral colored cotton pants. You could wear a converse shoe or keep things a bit more rugged with trekking shoes and you would still hit the mark, perfectly. This look is easy and can be accessorized with leather band analog traveler’s watches that add a bit of dynamic personality to the whole look. Also, this look is extremely body hair friendly and a trimmed show would work wonders!

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That was number one – for men who are planning to own bulk flannel shirts, we have been considerate enough to allow another more layered look.

Easily achievable with a neutral colored cotton half sleeve t-shirt worn under a plain or checked flannel shirt with rolled arm sleeves and a sports fit distressed denim, this look would work wonders with high top leather combat boots. Add in leather wristlets and metallic pendants hung on dark colored fabric strings – and you have the complete look.

A little bit of stubble and a short hair style with cropped hair on top and faded on the sides will make you good enough to feature for men’s lifestyle magazine covers.

We hope you have learned how to master this flannel traveler look after reading this blog – and if you enjoyed it visually, then share it with your flannel frenzied friends, so that they too can learn how to style the traveler look perfectly, be you, man or woman.


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