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Ironing The Flannel Shirts – How Should You Do It?

Usually, flannel shirts don’t need to be ironed since they hardly get wrinkled. However, sometimes, you might feel the need, so as to look your best for certain occasions like preparing for a job interview or going on a date with your dream girl for the first time. When it’s about making a first impression, flannel shirts in solid color look great, especially if you often get confused while choosing from plaid flannels.

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When you iron the flannel shirts, it offers a neat and clean, crisp finish to their appearance. Do it wrong and it can make it look too flat.

Given below are some tips on how to iron a flannel shirt. Make sure you are attentive till the end.

What Type of Flannel is it?

All thanks to its innovative texture, a flannel shirt can help you stand apart in the crowd. Remember, the different kinds of textures are based on what sort of flannel it’s made of— synthetic materials, wool, or cotton. Before you start ironing, check the tag for sure. If it says, there is no need to iron it then just throw it in the wash once and follow the instructions written on the care label.

Warm Up the Iron/Follow the Care Label

Ironing the flannel shirt becomes as easy as switching the set in the iron if you have got an iron with a cotton, synthetic, or wool setting. If there is no tag on the flannel shirt and you are unsure about which iron setting to use then feel the shirt between your fingers to recognize how scratchy it is. It might be cotton if it’s not scratchy at all. It’s probably wool if it’s scratchier than most fabrics. A suggestion would be to use the coolest setting on the iron if you are unable to decide or don’t want to take a risk. If it’s cotton or wool then you can use the steam setting as well.

Prep the Shir

Now, lay the flannel inside out on the ironing board. After smoothing it out with your hands, place a piece of white, lint-free cotton fabric or a press cloth on top of your flannel shirt where you need to iron it. This helps to prevent any shininess that might occur on the flannel shirt otherwise.

Time to Get Started

Next, once your iron is warmed up, using its spray setting, spray a bit of water onto the flannel shirt. This is especially helpful if you are dealing with wool flannel shirts. Apply the iron on the shirt for a few seconds before lifting it. Repeat it. Don’t iron it the way you iron your other clothing items. It might take a bit too long but have patience!

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