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Men’s Fall Outfits: How to Wear Plaid Flannel Shirt?

Plaid is associated with fall fashion for guys, and for good reason. This multicolored theme was a huge ’90s trend, but it’s so flexible that we think it should be in every wardrobe, regardless of personal taste. Check out our style guide for different plaid outfits and simple ideas on how to pull them off.

1. Keep things Simple

This is one of our favorite ways to wear plaid shirts wholesale, since it’s just as utilitarian as a T-shirt and jeans, but it’s more visually appealing. We kept this outfit minimal without sacrificing any flair by putting it together with simple wardrobe-essentials.

Begin with a favorite pair of jeans. A slim-fit black or dark-washed denim adds a hint of the edge without seeming too filthy. Wear a denim jacket with it. To get a relaxed layered look, make sure your jacket touches at the waist and your shirt tails are visible. Combine everything with a basic black-and-white pair of shoes and your favorite pair of sunglasses.

2. Take it Outside

The temperature in the fall might range between warm and chilly during the day, so it’s crucial to consider the weather when dressing. Having the correct outerwear can keep you comfortable if your plans involve a trip to the pumpkin farm or a drive with the top down.

A slim-fit cotton vest will keep you toasty. The sleeveless style is nonrestrictive and adds a rustic look to your clothing. Choose light-wash jeans to keep the style from looking too heavy, and give the hems a tiny roll for a sophisticated touch. Finish with a matching pair of chukka boots, keeping both items within the same color family.

3. Take a Deep Breath and Relax

This athleisure-inspired suit will become your new go-to for days when comfort is a must. It’s unpretentious and cool, with just the proper amount of relaxation.

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Wear your softest graphic shirt with a pair of neutral-colored jogging trousers. Wear a baseball cap instead of fixing your hair to match the day’s low-key attitude. Tie your plaid shirt around your waist and cuff your T-shirt sleeves for warmer days.

4. Make it Seem Nice

Because plaid shirts are traditionally considered casual, dressing them up might appear difficult. However, it is simple to do and maybe worn for work or a dinner date. It all comes down to how you dress it.

Begin by tucking your shirt into a brilliantly colored pair of chino trousers. A wool mix sport coat in a complementary color will bring out the subtle hues in the plaid fabric. Finish the ensemble with shoes that are both casual and formal, such as a classic pair of suede loafers.

5. Add a Dashing Touch

We’ve taught you how to wear plaid shirts in a variety of ways, from dressed up to dressed down. So for this last design, we’re trying for something in the middle. This stylish casual ensemble is polished and clean, making it appropriate for a range of events.

Choose khakis. They’re a tried-and-true favorite that will rarely lead you astray. They’re also ideal for wearing with plaid. Determine whether to tuck your shirt in based on your destination and the amount of formality necessary. Finish the appearance with durable lace-up shoes that are both stylish and functional.

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