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Men’s Style Stances Which Women Find Attractive: Flannel Clothing

Be it to impress your boss, or to pull together a look at the date, men have learned to make sartorial choices in fashion in the recent years. Remember boys, the ladies love fashion and they would constantly keep a strict eye on you on what you are wearing, to get an idea of the personality you are reflecting through your clothes. Rom your shoes, to the tee you are wearing, there are certain things about men’s style which hits a bull’s eye, and instantly impresses the women squad. Thus, if you are single and ready to mingle, it is essential for your to carry a fashion statement which would add confidence to you, and also make you the ultimate trendsetter.

From the flannel clothing, to the formal suits, and white tees, there are certain style quotients of men which women adore. Want to know them? Here they are.


With mankles growing a lot on men these days, and the rolling up the trousers has become a very important style essence. With this, men should sports their loafers or other shoes, but sans socks, and reflect a very funky yet classy look. Women are completely inclined to this fashion statement, and wondering if men could do this for all the occasions or not. (Wink)

The chinos

It is time to take a break from the denims and try out the chinos which again women love. These chinos can be worn for casual and formal events, and be it in classic blues or olive greens, they are very unique and fresh from the contemporary bottom wear pieces. Slightly tapered and rolled up at the hem, you can woo a woman completely by wearing them in stylish silhouettes.

White shirt and jeans

This is a classic combo and according to experts, this will never grow old. This is one of the favourite attire options for women, and the nice fitted white tee or shirt, without being too loose is the most magical factor which every man must possess. Instead of the boxer pants, make sure to go for narrow and tapered denims or the distressed ones in great quality, and fit.

Men Flannel Shirts

Flannel clothing

Be it ties around the waist, or casually with tees, or even formally with trousers, men flannel shirts are vintage clothing pieces, and they are ruling the fashion scene. Recently women are loving them for the lumbersexual looks of the men with flannel shirts, denims, jackets and the bearded looks. Extremely punky with a dash of panache, make sure you have the flannel shirt in your wardrobe, as they are the wardrobe staple for the fashion forward men.

The tailored suit

A man’s closet is not complete without the tailored suit. The clean and well-fitting suit must be versatile enough to be worn for both casual and formal occasions in different looks and demeanors, without galavanting around for something boxy and baggy. Be it on the first date or the cruise party and while attending some social function, completely entice your lady with a very classy and elegant look in tailored suits.

Choicest accessories

From the shoes, to the belts, sunglasses and the chains or bracelets, make sure you are investing into the right accessories. These little details matter and a lot, and women always notice them.

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