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Our Top Flannel Outfits For Women This Coming Fall Season!

But, to say the truth, aren’t you a little tired of those looks. But we did a bit street-style digging up and discovered nine new ways to revamp the flannel.

Dress a turtleneck beneath the flannel

Don’t overlook the beauty of blending thin shirts beneath your flannels. Leave only a few buttons undone to allow your turtleneck to see through. You’ll still be cozier! Drop into a pair of leather trousers for some slight quirkiness. Add up trendy items like dad shoes as well as a designer bag to make your ensemble fitting of a street-style snap.

Wear your flannel matching your varsity jacket

Most of us didn’t play sports in college or high school hence missed out on the entire varsity jacket venture. Fortunately for them, however, a certain flannel clothing brand has made its impressive styles to purchase. And the first thing we will sport with the outerwear is our humble flannel. This pairing isn’t obvious, but after seeing it on some famous we are sure that combination works. Put a pair of heeled battle boots to lend this ensemble a little edge.

Layer your plaid

In comparison to heavy knit sweaters, flannels are tailored for layering. For a street-style look you can wear your flannel on top of a graphic pullover, then add a leather jacket with a fuzzy trim to the top. To prevent the garments from overpowering your figure, make sure that the jacket touched the hips while the flannel barely peeked out. Trendy items, such as blue sunglasses as well as a quirky pair of boots, will earn your ensemble an A-plus.

Tuck your flannel halfway

The bulky flannel reflects the coziness of your partner’s but wraps perfectly over your arms and shoulders. Instead of matching the top with shorts, match it with a pair of joggers. Not only they should be loosely fitting (the adjustable waistband we encounter again) and thus more secure, but they also infuse the look with a semi-sporty feel.

Wear your oversized flannel along with a jean skirt

The my-clothes-looking-too-big-on-me aspect with this outfit is exactly why you will enjoy it. It’s not your typical prim and proper dress, but it also looks trendy because of stuff like your slide-on booties and the polka dot handbag. Baggy may be trendy.

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