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Some Quick Tips to Maintain the Cozy and Comfy Flannel Bedsheets and Blankets

Winter is knocking at the door, and it is time to prepare to stay cozy and comfortable to get good sleep. What could be better than the fine textured and high quality flannel sheets to make your bed more convenient? The soft and smooth, rather warm flannel fabric can be your best friend when you are fighting with cold in the chilly winters. They are not only comfortable, but also available in plain shades and also in the plaid patterns, from the usual neutral colored checks to the vibrant hues that would complement your room interiors. Now, if you have already shopped for the flannel bedsheets and blankets, you must also maintain them to ensure durability and fade-free finesse.

Here are some of the maintenance tips to enjoy their benefits for longer time duration.

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Don’t Wash them Just with Water the First Time

The flannel fabric is a delicate fabric that needs to be maintained and washed with care. The first time when you wash them after buying, you should use white vinegar. Thus, use at least one-half cup of white vinegar with water. This will definitely help to prevent the fibres from peeling and the color will not fade away. You would definitely not want your flannel sheets to lose color and lustre at the first wash.

Make Sure to Use the Right Water

You cannot just wash the flannel sheets and blankets in any type of water, as the temperature of water decides a lot of things. Make sure to wash them in warm or rather lukewarm water instead of using too hot or icy cold water. The warm water you use reduces shrinking and can also maintain the softness and fine texture of the flannel.

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Don’t Use Fabric Softener

This might be shocking, but it is better to stay away from the fabric softeners as they leave chemicals behind that stiffen and reduce softness over time. These chemicals and additives also increase the appearance of peeled fibers and make our flannel sheet look coarse, injecting in a sense of discomfort.

Add Tennis Ball

If you are wondering what to use instead of the fabric softeners, you always have the tennis ball to be used inside the dryer with your sheets. The fact that the movement of the tennis balls will reduce fabric clumping and keeps the fabric from rubbing together is quite true. Also, instead of the dryer, make sure to air-dry the sheets as that lessens the chance of peeling and avoid extra wear on the sheets.

Thus, make sure to maintain the flannel blankets to enjoy their long lastingness.