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Revamp The Old Flannel Shirt Look With These Styling Tips

The flannel shirt is a wardrobe staple. It is most of our default shirt for fall. You can sport it unbuttoned on top of a tee, or buttoned-up and tucked in jeans. However, truth be told, we are all bored with these looks. So we did a little street style hunting and found some fresh ways to modify the flannel. Choose your favorite attire below and start sporting it already!

Sport a turtleneck underneath your flannel

Do not misjudge the brilliance of layering thin shirts beneath your flannels. Leave a few buttons undone thus your turtleneck can peek through. You will stay warmer. For some sly edginess, put on a pair of leather pants. Add fashionable components like a designer and dad sneakers to make your attire worthy of a street style picture.

Wrap up your flannel around your waist

In this kind of outfit you see and think that you could have done that. And it is true. The ensemble consists of only three items: a pair of crop flared jeans, a flannel of your choice from a popular flannel clothing brand and a minimalist tee. You could also tie the flannel on top of leather pants, dress, the choices are infinite. Now, you may think wrapping up a shirt around your waist is a bit middle school, but it is approved by both models and street style stars. The style trick is not only functional when the climate is fussy, but it also adds a fashionable component to your attire.

Style your flannel shirt along with a varsity jacket

Most brands have now made their desirable versions of whole college or school varsity jackets. And the primary thing you will sport with the outerwear is flannel. This combination isn’t shrewd, but after seeing it on fashion bloggers you will be convinced that it will work. To give this attire a tad bit of edge, wear with a pair of heeled combat boots.

Dress up your flannel along with a skirt

Jeans and flannel? Banal. Skirt and flannel? Bewildering.

Put on your shirt as you would any button-down and tuck it in a pencil skirt or a flared-line skirt. The combo makes your laid-back flannel look swanky, but the business-appropriate look is less stifling than when you are sporting a bare white button-down.

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