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The Most Flattering Flannel Jumpsuit Style for Every Body Type

Jumpsuits are becoming widely popular and are high on trend this year. So, if you are seeing too many of them on the high street, on the clothing racks at stores, and on the runway, you are not hallucinating! We all heart the easy-breezy, yet stylish factor in a jumpsuit. However, when it comes to picking the right fabric, opting for the best, can make a huge difference in how comfortable your jumpsuit will be. So, our favorite fabric, when it comes to choosing a jumpsuit, that combines the best of comfort and style, is flannel!

A Flannel jumpsuit, with its comfortable texture and excellent make, will easily become a wardrobe staple that you will crave going back to, several times throughout the year. However, before you get overwhelmed by the several choices on offer, make sure you choose a flannel jumpsuit that is made to suit your body type. Dressing according to your body’s shape can make a lot of difference when it comes to looking and feeling confident and sleek. So, spare yourself the browsing and let us help you with the style that perfectly flatters your shape.

Keep reading to find your ideal flannel jumpsuit style.


Flannel Jumpsuit Style for the Pear-shaped Body

flannel jumpsuit for pear shaped body

This body shape is usually characterized by smaller shoulders, bust, and waist. However, they sport wider hips. To make this shape work in your favor, choose a flannel jumpsuit that balances the top and the bottom.

Ideally, go for a flannel jumpsuit style with a bell-bottom or flared leg to give the illusion of smaller hips and a narrower waist. Additionally, to give the impression of wider shoulders and to help you balance out the top with the bottom, choose off-shoulder styles or pick the one-shoulder style or opt for wider necks in plunging styles.

So, just as you can see, pick a flannel jumpsuit style that draws away attention from your hips and focuses on your shoulders and ankles. That way, your styling will give the illusion of an hourglass and make you look very polished.


For the Hourglass-shaped Body

jumpsuit for hourly glass shaped body

This body shape is characterized by a narrow waist and resembles the shape of an hourglass. So, tailored styles of the flannel jumpsuit that flaunt your body perfectly, should be the ones you look for.

Add a belt in a contrasting color when you style your flannel jumpsuit or pick styles that come with a waistband or go for the wrap-around style of the flannel jumpsuit.

Wide leg styles are always a better choice when it comes to styling this body shape since it helps accentuate your curves and give the illusion of a narrower waist.


For the Apple-shaped Body

flannel Jumpsuit for apple shaped body

A person with an apple-shaped body usually has shoulders that are broad, a wider bust, a not-so well-defined waist, and smaller hips.

For this body type, you want to draw your attention away from the shoulders and the waist. So, choose a V-neck style for your flannel jumpsuit. This will help focus on your neck and bust and draw the attention away from your waist. You can also pick a wrap-around style of the flannel jumpsuit with full sleeves or with bell-shaped three-quarter sleeves, to give the impression of a narrower waist.

A straight-leg fit for your flannel jumpsuit is always a better choice for this body type since it gives your hips some flare and helps create the illusion of a narrower waist.


For the Rectangle-shaped Body

flannel jumpsuit for the rectangle-shaped body

This body shape is the easiest to style and most flannel jumpsuit styles will work for you.

Since a rectangle body is athletic with shoulders, bust, waist, and hips, almost in similar proportion, it gives you room to go bonkers. So, pick flannel jumpsuits in noodle straps, opt for plunging necklines and styles with the wrap-around waist or go for the halter neck style, you cannot go wrong with this body type!

This body type is also ideal to flaunt a shorts-style of the flannel jumpsuit instead of choosing the pant style. So, make the most of your shape and give your wardrobe a breath of fresh life with some of these delightful flannel jumpsuit styles.


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General Tips for Styling a Flannel Jumpsuit

  • If you are on the shorter side, choose the cropped pant style for your flannel jumpsuit. For taller women, you can go with long pants in flared styles, depending on your body type.
  • You can layer your flannel jumpsuit with a cropped jacket in a contrasting color when the weather gets chillier.
  • To go for a stylish look, pair your flannel jumpsuit with pumps or stilettoes. However, if you are looking for a sporty look, sneakers might be the ideal choice for you.
  • Always choose premium quality when buying a flannel jumpsuit for maximum style and comfort.
  • For plus-size women, smaller checks might be a better fit than larger or bolder checks.
  • Pick bolder colors of the flannel jumpsuit and stand out in a crowd!

Since choosing the most flattering flannel jumpsuit style is very important, we hope this read, will help you find the right type, that will help compliment your body shape ideally and let you make the most of this stylish ensemble. So, get inspired and spoil yourself with this comfortable, yet sophisticated piece of clothing that is bound to turn heads, every time you decide to flaunt it!


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