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Women’s Flannel Shirts: Wear Them in These Seven Ways to Look like a Fashion Stylist

There are some clothing items that go out of trend after some time and then there are some which stay as a fashion essential decade after decade. Most women heaved a sigh of relief when the neon-colored bike shorts became outdated and when the flannel shirts for women got launched, most became curious and started opting for them. The result? Today, they are one of those must-haves, without which a wardrobe will remain incomplete.

The craze for flannel shirts is mostly due to the comfort they offer, their highly fashionable looks, and the fact, that they allow them to be used for almost any occasion. If you want then you can even wear them at your home, laying on the couch, watching movies with your friends.


Why Flannel Shirts Are Meant to Stay?

You can’t really go and buy one without knowing the numerous benefits they can offer you. It is important to understand the reasons why you should get one before you go ahead and know how to style them like a true fashion stylist.


They Can Be Easily Maintained

The more you wear and wash the flannel shirt, it gets softer and this gives you yet another excuse to keep on wearing them for a long period of time. To maintain them properly, you just need to give a little attention. Instead of going for a handwash method, you will need to opt for the daily machine-washing technique. This will keep your shirt clean and crisp, and you will never lose its integrity and softness in this way.


You Remain All Warm and Cozy

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When the temperature is a bit chilly outside, you would obviously want to wear a shirt that can keep you warm and super comfortable, and a flannel shirt is just the best for that. Mostly crafted out of heavy-duty cotton, it is a medium-weight material. What makes it stand apart from the rest is its great fuzzy finish and the fact that it’s brushed on both sides. This is what makes a flannel shirt so comfortable on your skin as you wear it.


Versatility Speaks

Flannel shirts, in the first place probably could have never gained so much popularity in the fashion world, had it not been for their extremely versatile nature. Other than offering certain ease to wear them, they are known for their ability to fit in almost on any occasion you would want. From wearing them to buy groceries to throwing them on for hanging out with your girl group to styling them for your first date, a flannel shirt can easily make you a star.


Ways to Look like a Flannel Fashion Expert


Now that you know why they are so perfect, you might be interested to get some ideas on how to style them to look like a fashion queen.
Check out the 7 best women’s flannel shirt outfit ideas given below to get prepared to show off your style sense this winter.


White Denim Jeans with Brown Flannel Shirt

Cream-colored or off-white jeans add a lighter and fresher touch to the gloomy season when one mostly gets to see heavier shades. Pair it with a graphic tee beneath a brown flannel shirt and go for darker shoes such as navy loafers or black ankle boots.


Multi-Tonal Flannel Shirt and Black Skinny-Fit Jeans

Pick a multi-tonal flannel shirt and let it shine by going for all-black bottom wear. For casual Friday work outfits, a skinny-fit, tapered jeans, and stylish pointed-toe boots will look the part.


Short Leather Skirt with a Blue Flannel Shirt


To go for a rough chick look, partner your sleek leather skirt with a blue flannel shirt. Surprised? Don’t be! This combination is the perfect definition of ‘’opposites attract’’. To give it a casual touch, you can opt for slip-on shoes and if you plan to go out with your boyfriend then replace the slip-ons with pointed pumps. Carry a simple but elegant clutch for sure.


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Light Brown Flared Pants and a Black Flannel Shirt

Live the classic 70s style again by picking the flared light brown pants and vibrant yellow shades. Team them with your black flannel shirt. If you want to give your outfit a modern touch, then don’t miss out on the pointed-toe flats and a mini leather handbag.


Canary Yellow Sweatpants with an Oversized Flannel Shirt

Okay, so how can you make your oversized flannel shirt and sweatpants not look like a night pajama suit? The trick lies in picking vibrant hues and accessorizing your entire outfit with your most sophisticated structured bag. Keep the buttons of your multi-colored flannel shirt open, wear a plain white shirt underneath, and to cinch your waist, tie a belt. Go for canary yellow sweatpants.


Loose Black Denim with a Green Flannel Shirt


When loose-fitting black denim, a knit beanie, and a pair of sturdy chunky boots are added to a green flannel shirt, it gives you that very tomboyish firm look, that you have been looking for. To go for the exact look, finish it with a silky camisole beneath your shirt and a black leather crossbody bag.


Knit, Straight-Legged Jeans, and a Yellowish-Brown Flannel Shirt

The 90s classic flannel style can be often seen these days. If you too want to follow the trend, then go for a pair of simple-knit, straight-legged jeans, a white turtle-neck top, and an oversized yellowish-brown flannel shirt. Make sure that there is no hint of holes or cuts in any of your clothing pieces and grab the shiniest pair of pointed-toe heels!

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