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4 Ways The Flannel can Become Your Bestie This Summer

Classically stylish and comfortable, flannel check shirt has been in the spotlight for a long time. Justifying their presence in the top stratums of the fashion circuit is easier for they have been adding much of style to the wearer. Many argue that flannel is strictly for the colder months, but breaking the shackles, flannel shirts have reintroduced themselves as summer staple. If you are lacking ideas on how to wear it for the hotter months, well, worry not, for the article is completely dedicated to the same. Scroll down for some true plaid inspiration.

Make a statement

Making a statement in s flannel shirt is easier for it has a more absolute impact. Pick a flannel shirt, throw it over a graphic t-shirt and team it with a pair of jeans. This combination is simple yet effective in its approach. You can further slip into a pair of white plimsolls to give the appearance a cool finish. Refrain from using accessories as the ley of the look is “less is more”. A lot more!


The cute effect

The wholesale plaid flannel shirt is much more than what it appears to be. Though it is closely associated with grunge and ruggedness, you can make every ounce of it look adorable. The key- tuck your flannel shirt inside a skater skirt. Fishnet stockings and ballerinas, talk about traveling back in time!


The monochrome prosody

Monochrome is always elusive and looks stunning when combined with the plaid pattern. Pick a jumpsuit in black and throw over a white plaid shirt. To make the ensemble look radiant, wear a pair of ankle length boots in black. Accessories can include shades as that will render a smart yet chic appearance.

The casual way

Flannel and jeans, when combined together, the result is always that of awe-inspiring. An oversized flannel shirt teamed with a pair of slim fit jeans and brown ankle length boots. Perfect for summer outdoor activities, you can use a straw hat and retro sunglasses for a dash of breezy and casual appeal.


So, whichever way you want to dress, retort to any of the four options given here, and bring about a fresh twist to your outfit. Wholesale womens flannel shirts are available with reputed flannel manufacturers. They come in an array of shades which gives the retailers a wide variety of options to choose from. the flannel shirts can be purchased in bulk at discounted rates.

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