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Different Ways to Wear Men’s Flannel Shirts Throughout the Year

There’s a good reason that flannel shirts have made a comeback. These are not only really comfortable to wear but are extremely stylish as well. The versatility factor of the shirt has rendered it a popular outfit choice among the men. These are not only great for the winters but are suitable for the spring time as well. To create a style statement with it, you should know the tricks to wear the shirt in the correct way. There’re so many different ways to create a certain vibe with the help of a certain shirt, be it cool, dashing, formal or rugged. Hence, read on the blog below to find out the different ways that you can wear a flannel shirt with panache. Retailers can get custom flannel shirts from reputed manufacturers at affordable rates.

Wear Flannel Around the Waist

Let’s talk about the weather that we’re currently live in. Wearing a flannel around the waist is a cliché but a classic look. It takes guts and loads of style to pull off this look. All you need to create the look is a neutral colored shirt and a slim fit denim pant. The shoes should be classic brown boots and you’re ready for an adventurous autumn day.

Roll up the Flannel Sleeves

Rolling up long sleeves of a flannel shirt is a cool way of showing off your toned arms. You can either button up the shirt or keep it loose with a white tee underneath. Either way this style creates a casual look that can be worn for the extra class at the UNI or a night out with friends.

Oversized Flannel Shirt Way

Oversized flannel shirt is cool for those days when you don’t want to put much effort into the clothing and want to keep it casual and laid back. A nice chino or a ripped denim pant will do the trick of creating an effortlessly stylish look. A stark white canvas shoe will help to add some depth to the outfit.

Layering Flannel with a Sweater

You can layer up your flannel shirt under a sweater for an adorable nerdy look. This is easy, functional and can be worn with all different types of pants. You can either create a serious business like look with the help of a dark colored sweater and light flannel or a soft look with the help of a pastel colored sweater and dark flannel.

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