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Why Every Guy Needs a Flannel Trouser and Guide to Wear Them

When certain style comes into existence, they are tried and tested in numerous ways to ensure that they can withstand the trial of time. Flannel is one such fabric which has proved itself once and again that nothing can replace it, or nothing can even come close to it. Loved in the 16th century and love today, flannel has gone through some changes to accommodate itself with the changing times, however, the principal feel of the cloth remains same. But at this point, it is very important to realize that plaid and flannel is not the same thing. Flannel is a fabric, plaid is a pattern. Plaid usually comes with flannel, but flannel can be independent of plaid. This is the basic difference you should keep in mind before proceeding any further.

Now, getting back to flannel clothes, trousers made of flannel minus the plaid were introduced a few seasons back (though in all fairness they were around the circuit for a long time). These trousers come in solid shades are crafted using flannel, hence comfort is ensured without for once sacrificing style. This proves the point that every guy should have a pair of flannel trouser in his closet and should make it a staple. Perfect for all seasons, the flannel trousers are a true state-of-the-art creation.

But many times the dudes just get it wrong. To avoid such mishaps, here is a list of three occasions where you can wear these and make jaw-dropping appearances.

Formal occasions

When it comes to formal occasions, the textures matter the most. The dressiness of the flannel pants can be easily combined with a formal shirt, blazer and tie. Pocket squares and lapel pins can act as the perfect accessories. You can stick to the conventional shades of black or grey to adjust to the formality of the situation. Formal shoes will perfectly sum up the occasion, helping you stand out.

The office wear

Office wears demands for something a little relaxed that strict formals and something stauncher than casual wear. To perfectly balance out the entire look, you can team your flannel pair with a t-shirt and a structured blazer. A pair of Derby works just fine with this ensemble. Opt for darker colors (for each piece) to make a more definite impact on the onlookers. Wholesale flannel pants in darker shades can be purchased from prominent manufacturers.

The casual deal

The joy of flannel is a thing forever. Yes, and so is its versatility. For a spontaneous approach, you can team your flannel trousers with a simple relaxed fit t-shirt (collar ones work fine too). That is it! A pair of plimsolls and you will already be slaying the ladies around you. Shades and hats can be experimented with depending on the place and time of your visit (highly objective!).

Thus, make sure to style your pair of flannel trousers appropriately for a summer appearance worth remembering. Flannel manufacturers have the best of flannel outfits ranging from shirts to jackets to trousers to scarves and much more. Interested retailers can make a stellar addition to their bulk collection by buying them in wholesale.

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