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Flannel Is The Ultimate Winter Fabric

At the back of every guy’s closet sits a flannel shirt, in all its moth-holed, musty glory. It’s been worn to band rehearsals, concerts and enough pub crawls that you start to think it will outlive your grandkids.

Flannel shirts along with a winter coat

If your business overlords have said their final goodbyes to the tie and jacket, you may be left in the gulf thinking how to approach the corporate hustle without the comfy fall-back of the conventional two-piece suit. Luckily, the flannel shirt can step into the rupture.

This need is a mid-weight flannel in seasonally suitable shades, with a firm collar (soft collars are a laid-back thing and not likely to make an impression in the workplace). Merge this with chinos that are on the smarter end of the spectrum – a tapered leg, raised front, in a deep brown, navy or charcoal.

In this case, experiment with varying patterns.

  • Vaguely cuff your chinos so that they don’t crease at the hem, and put on a belt that matches with your footwear, flawlessly oxfords, but boots are a certain winter alternative.
  • If your plaid shirt is a bit roomy, roll along to your alterations experts to get darts rather in the back of the shirt. This will allow you to keep away from the terrible muffin top appearance.
  • Smaller checks, like gingham, tend to less of a heat-seeker in the workplace. They are also simpler to incorporate along with a tie, must you find yourself not quite prepared to get rid of the silk bridle.

Flannel jackets and coats

Layers, right? Flannel clothing wholesale is usually heavy, so they are a spot-on preference for cold days layering – over-shirt, mackintosh, overcoat, puffer vest, a t-shirt, you get the idea.

Flannels are made in different weights, so you have countless options for how to approach our layering. Vibrant check plaids are also useful in fragmenting up the tonal tedium of a monochrome layered look, so you are not short on choices.

Whether it is simply a thin plaid under a parka or a huge flannel over-shirt worn on top of a thin hoodie and t-shirt for streetwear and sportswear combo, a white t-shirt, oversized yellow and green flannel, and bomber jacket is another off-duty winter, providing the correct mix of streetwear and ruggedness.
Retailers can incorporate flannel clothing into their store’s winter collection besides wholesale flannel blankets which is a big hit during the winter.
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