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Flannel Shirts in Style that are not Plaid!

Somewhere down the line, people have started making a connection with plaid and flannel, making it close to synonymous today. But that is selling the fabric short and there is much more that the cloth can offer?

Interested to find out? Well, this blog is all about getting to know flannel shirts outside the circle pf plaid designs and then decide for yourself what you feel about the fabric. Let’s take a look –

Flannel tee shirt

When it comes to the fabric, it is not just used to make wholesale mens flannel shirt. The fabric is very much used it other clothing as well and the best example is the tee shirt. Made from the fabric, the flannel tee is great to wear, comfortable, and comes with every kind of design that cotton tees as well.

It is a refreshing change of pace from the regular kind of treatment that is given to it as a plaid shirt cloth and customers love it too.

Flannel Shirt Supplier

The solid flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are not just plaid and also come in monochromes – the navy blue flannel shirt in fact is very famous as a retail apparel. It suits extremely well with distressed denims and formal pants as way, making it a n excellent offer for Friday dressing and Monday blues.

Once you get the hang of the solid flannel shirt, you are pretty much stuck to it, at least in some essence, for the rest of your life!

Striped Flannel Shirts

Flannel comes in other patterns as well – and the striped flannel stands testimony to that. Stripes are always one of the favorite stripe patterns and the flannel cloth does all the justice to it. Much like its plaid sister, this one makes for a great layering clothing and adding it to one’s wardrobe brings forth immense combination options from all the t shirts that already exist.

Stripes come in both horizontal and vertical variants, and that gives it a lot of option – both for tall and wide people who want to balance out their looks – flannel style.

These are the 3 kinds of flannel shirts outside the plaid variant that strike the fancy of flannel shirts manufacturers and retailers alike. In fact, if you feel like any of them would positively affect your wardrobe, then you should definitely get it online – after all, one shirt could make a whole lot of difference in your wardrobe!


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