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Go for These 3 Flannel Fashion Ideas That Rocks!

The setting of the fall brings out new clothes from the closet. You get to choose what to wear, and what to definitely layer it with. This gives us the freedom of wearing more clothes in the first place, secondly you have the choice to play with more clothes, which will definitely give you a new look. It is very evidently different as to how people look due to change of seasons. You will find yourself draped in a hoodie with the cap on with tight hard boots during winter, and a pair of rugged shorts and a sleeveless baseball vest during the sunny bright days.

But, against all odds, the one show stopper for your fall collection has to be designer flannel shirts. Flannel clothing is unique in their own appearance, the reason for that is the bold and established designs that work brilliantly with the solid color backgrounds which ultimately gives you the most polished and fashionable outlook. These shirts are specialty items on their own, you can easily wear them to parties, your first big date night? Don’t worry we have you covered with the huge variety of clothes famous flannel clothing wholesale manufacturers are churning up to make your lives better.

Take a look at these 3 flannel fashion ideas that will definitely give you a unique look:

Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Layer it over a t shirt

You can wear flannels mostly anyway you want to, but to look very sporty and stylish, try pairing them by wearing a t shirt on the inside. You can keep it hanging loose, you can also button it up maybe halfway. Don’t work up the buttons all the way for obvious reasons. You can easily wear them over a pair of jeans and a nice black and white converse.

Wear it formal

Who says you can’t be funky and still manage to pull off a nice straight formal look? Grab yourself a green pair of flannel shirts, try wearing skin fit black formal trousers and shiny black shoes. The green black pattern will play beautifully with the trousers. And the shoes will add the most formal touch it can, making you look very fashionable while keeping the professionalism intact.

Wear it casual and smart

Trying to get more out of your flannel shirt? Try getting yourself a pair of plaid pants and a white shoe. This will basically sort you out for any design you pick for flannel shirts. The plaid pants work brilliantly with the flannel prints. Try tucking your shirt in and wear the shoes with ankle socks to reveal the skin a little. This contrast will work brilliantly on you.

Retailers looking to add hot new collection of flannel shirts to their retail stock should get in touch with the leading flannel shirts wholesale manufacturer to get the best designs and quality clothes on your bulk buy.

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