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How Vintage Flannel Shirts have Come to be Used in Men’s Fashion Today!

Flannel vintage shirts were one of the most fashionable attires in the yesteryears and it has been the obsession of stars and celebrities alike. While the style has never really gone out of trending, it has been continuously reinvented season after season and fused with new trends. Want to know how they are being used today?

This blog looks into how modern fashion influencers are using the flannel shirt to its fullest essential and using the way it works today. Interested to know? Let’s take a look –

How Vintage Flannel Shirts were Used Before?

Wholesale vintage flannel shirts were earlier styled with denims and rolled sleeves with the top 3 buttons open. This was mainly influenced from the cowboy looks of the Wild West and well paired with leather boots that ran up the ankles.

These shirts are also influenced by the Lumberjack look of North America – here the flannel shirts are worn in a much more traditional way with sleeves stretched out and the whole shirt buttoned to the collar. The reason for such discrepancy between the two styles is because of the climactic differences of both populations and also traditional ways of dressing.

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But how is it used in fashion today? Find out here –

1. In Layering Fashion

Wholesale flannels are elaborately used in wholesale fashion today – you can find men and women wearing the vintage shirts on top of t shirts with denims, joggers, harem pants, linens, chinos, and more. The kind of color combination in the upper body layer generally follows a neutral shade like white, grey, or black inside, and the red checked plaid flannel shirt outside.

The ideal shoes to go for this look are white sneakers, loafers, desert boots, and even sandals made of artificial or real leather.

2. The Waistband Tie -up

During summers, these shirts are used as the waistband tie up by men and women, who tie it at the west around their pants’ waist bands. This is a good downtown look which looks great with pants and white tee shirts, and are a very weather friendly look as well.

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3. The Lumberjack look with denims and boots

When it comes to wearing the vintage shirt like lumberjacks, the best thing to pair it with is dark colored straight fit denims that will be folded at the ankles and coupled with brogues or oxfords. The checked plaid flannel shirt will be worn to fit and buttoned up to the breast pocket with stretched out sleeves. Some add the denim jacket over it while others don’t.

For accessories, a little bit of scruff can work wonders with this look.

These are the ways in which vintage flannel shirt designs are used in modern fashion and both the men and women cannot seem to get enough of it. You want to try it out too? Get your plaid checked flannel shirt today and start experimenting – because that is the only way you get better with it.