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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Flannel Bed-Sheet

It is a well-known fact that flannel sheets are warmer and thereby more comfortable than regular sheets. These are perfect for a goodnights sleep during the colder days of the year. Business owners who are luxurious, warm and breathable bed-sheets, an choose from an array of cotton flannel variants

A renowned flannel bed sheet manufacturer has designed a collection of easy to maintain warm flannel bed-sheets that are available for bulk sale. Given in the blog below are some of the best reasons why you should invest in flannel bed-sheets asap!

Helps you Sleep Better

Flannel sheets are deliciously warm. Just like a flannel shirt, once you put in on yourself you will feel instantly warm and dry. A good flannel sheet should feel like a weighted blanket which is less fancy and more rustic. The instant warmth sensation of the blanket is important as you will never experience the ice cold section of the bed. There are certain individuals who battle with winter depression and they are highly recommended to use flannel sheets.

Healthier Option Thanindoor Heating

Compared to indoor heating, flannel sheets are way healthier. Indoor heating generally dries up the air, which can affect the nasal passages and throat. This can make people vulnerable to cold, sinus infection and even flu. Therefore it is a better option to turn down the thermostat and use flannel sheets instead as these will keep you warm and the cold inflicted medical issues at bay.

Relieve Joint Pains

Older people with arthritic joints know that winter makes their pains worse. Flannel helps them stay warm, even when they toss and turn. If you’re looking for a thoughtful gift this holiday season for an older family member, high-quality flannel sheets are a good idea.

Reduced your Heating Costs

The sales of flannel bed sheets is experiencing an all-time high right now. Customers are increasingly discovering the fact that flannel sheets are perfect for reducing heating costs as these are an effective and long-lasting alternative without the risk of any long term health effects.

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Easy to Maintain

You can invest in m micro flannel sheets as these do not shed lint compared to the other variants. The polyester fibers have less electrostatic charge which prevents shedding. These sheets also have the tendency to shrink less and dries faster which can be a boon during the winter season.

Bulk order flannel bed sheet wholesale from a well appreciated manufacturer based in USA. The supplier has garnered a lot of positive reviews from the customers for offering premium flannel bed-sheets at cost-effective rates. Therefore browse through the vast assemblage of sample pieces and choose from an array of variants that appeals to your bulk needs.

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