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What Makes Flannel Clothing a ‘Must-Have’ in your Winter Wardrobe?

If your winter wardrobe does not yet house flannel, you may not realize just how cozy and warm the clothing pieces made from this material can keep you during the winters. Lightweight flannel clothing can be easily layered under quality outerwear or can be worn around the house while the heavyweight flannel work well to keep you warm on the most frigid winter days when you spend time outdoors. One of the most eminent flannel clothing manufacturers in USA never fails to surprise with a vast assemblage of best quality, comfortable and durable flannel clothing!

Continue reading to learn more about flannel and why it is important that you have at least a few flannel clothing pieces in your winter closet.

Some Interesting Flannel Facts

If you are someone who thinks that all flannel is alike then you are wrong as it is nothing but a misconception, though the flannel clothing pieces can be crafted from wool, synthetic fibers, cotton, even a combination of materials.

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The flannel fabrics come in many weights, particularly the cotton flannel fabric can weigh from under 5 ounces a square yard to a bit extra like 6.5 ounces a square yard.

They come in brushed and unbrushed versions with the brushed flannel being softer to touch than the unbrushed one.

While the flannel of the past was just typically plaid, modern day flannel fabrics come in various striking patterns. The cotton flannel clothing wholesale is now even available in floral patterns, checker patterns, solid colors, and also cute animal prints which children absolutely love. However, the plaid flannel is still the most well-known because of its iconic appeal.

The Warmth That Flannel Offers

Wondering how flannel keeps you so warm? That is because flannel fabric is loosely woven instead of being tightly woven like so many other fabrics. Particularly when you choose cotton flannel, you can look forward to stay super warm and comfortable in the chilly weathers. You might not know but cotton is considered as one of the best warmest clothing materials which functions even greater than the wool. The natural fibers such as cotton are also absorbent so if you ever feel sweaty under your cotton flannel shirt, you can still be comfortable the entire day as flannel absorbs moisture away from the body.

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Flannel Clothing Options

Talking about flannel clothing pieces, make sure you grab some quality flannel shirts which are available in a variety of prints and are super warm and comfortable. Flannel pajama pants will also make you feel cozy in the winter evenings. Additionally, the flannel trousers, socks as well as blankets will prove to be helpful in saving you from the winter cold.

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