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Zoomers Guide to Pull off the 90’s Inspired Flannel Look

Thanks to Gen-z and their obsession with all things old, the 90’s style is back and how! This time we are here with a fool-proof guide for the zoomers to rock the good ol’ flannel shirt. No matter the event or the season, an oversized flannel shirt is all you need to create an effortless statement.

A reputed supplier of blank flannel shirts wholesale have designed a collection that you can choose from. These are manufactured with premium quality material that is easy to style and maintain. So, wait no more and read on the blog below for style details.

Flannel Shirt with Leggings

The art if dressing up is about the balance. If you are petite then a loose shirt with a tighter bottom can flatter your figure and accentuate the best parts of your body as well. If you are constantly on the move, then leggings are definitely your best bet. The best part of styling flannel outfits is that you can wear it as part of your day-wear, athleisure look as well as an updated street-style look. Never underestimate he versatile flannel for what it can do to you.

Flannel Shirt with Denim

If you have a penchant for a fresh yet timeless look, then denim is the perfect idea for you. Look for flannel shirts signed with classic patterns and features which can be complemented by a chic bottom- wear. You can choose to wear a red and green dark flannel shirt with a light-wash denim skirt, and sleek shoes depending on your personal style. A boyfriend jeans styled with button up shirt is also a great choice considering the season is warm and you need something breathable.

The Layers on Layer Look

Ideally winter and fall is the best time to show off your flannel style. You can layer a black leather jacket with a flannel shirt for an edgy model inspired look. If you do not want to look like a bulky snowman then avoid heavy layers. Look for cropped pants that can be styled with vintage boots as it creates a polished look. Since retro is the key element here, a comfortable vintage style shirt can also be a great option.

A flannel shirt is all you need to pull off a confident look. Business owners can surprise the customers with a collection of custom flannel shirts wholesale that scores high on functional as well as style elements. Therefore, all you need to do is reach out to the help team and spell out the bulk needs for the wholesale investment.

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