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A Brief Look At Vegetable Flannel Clothing Items

When it comes to winter wear, people are always looking for new options that can make them look even more stylish and fashionable while at the same time keep the chills at bay. One of the fabrics that are getting extremely popular nowadays is the vegetable flannel. The vegetable flannel fabric goes a long way back, and while shirts made of these clothes have been worn by men and women for many years, it is only recently that a number of leading brands have come forward and enhanced its fashion prospects. So let’s take a look at some of the distinct features of vegetable flannel.

History Of Vegetable Flannel

During the 1800s, the vegetable flannel was invented by a man known as L. Léopold Lairitz. Unlike conventional flannel fabric that is made out of cotton, the vegetable flannel is made by using fibers from Scots pine trees. Raw fiber known as waldwolle or forest wool was collected from the pines and pine oil was separated from them. After that, this waldwolle was converted into yarns or threads which were then used to make shirts. The vegetable flannel was mainly promoted as an alternate hypoallergenic option for people who found it difficult to wear wool. The fabric was thought to be particularly good for people having neuralgia and rheumatism.

Vegetable Flannel Shirts And Their Mainstream Acceptance

Over the years, the vegetable flannel shirts have developed a strong market of their own with many people preferring to wear them even more than the cotton versions. A vegetable flannel shirt manufacturer company designs and develops these shirts in a number of different styles and colors which are popular among both men and women. Apart from shits, vegetable flannel is also used for making jumpsuits which are also equally popular.

Vegetable Flannel Clothing Offer Lucrative Business Options

If you are the owner of a clothing store, then you should focus on creating a nice collection for vegetable flannel shirts this winter. A wholesale cotton flannelette dealer can provide you with both cotton as well as vegetable flannel products. You can also contact a flannel jumpsuit supplier to get cool jumpsuits in a range of nice colors.

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