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Designer Flannel Shirts Wholesale: 4 Style Trends For The Alpha Male To Flaunt

The alpha male is a leader, a glib talker, a great listener and a fashion aficionado! No he does not drool over his mirror reflection or is obsessed with selfies, but he has a fine sense of style and loves to select clothes that enhance his persona. With designer flannel shirts wholesale the alpha male can never go wrong. Be it a corporate meeting, party or a Saturday luncheon at a friend’s place, flannel shirts are always good to go. So if you are a private businessman or a retail store owner dealing in fashionable men’s wear, investing in designer flannel shirts is a smart call.

The ace wholesale flannel shirts manufacturers have taken into consideration  the traits of the alpha male and have come up with multiple variants of flannel shirts that are worth checking out and filling your store shelves with. The latest product variants that you can bulk order include:

Wool flannel shirts

A little heavy in fabric than the standard cotton flannel shirts, this type of shirt adds colour and warmth to the otherwise cut and dry winter. Available in subtle and impressive shades of orange, grey, black and crimson, this shirt category comes in attractive chequered variations. Perfect to be paired up with denims, khakis or corduroys, this is a perfect winter wear and also when the weather condition is a little nippy.

Vintage flannel shirts

Available in rich colour shades, box and zig zag design patterns this shirt category is for the alpha male that loves depth and character to his clothing line. Vintage flannel shirts have a great fit that is neither too tight nor loose and allow complete comfort in terms of ventilation. The collars come in notched form to give it a formal look. The colour combinations add the casual touch to it.

Flannel Shirts Wholesale

Red checked flannel shirts

Leading flannel shirt manufacturers have gone high on the colour red and have introduced stylish variants of checked shirts. Alternating between the various shades of crimson these shirts look attractive, classy and very debonair.

Long sleeved flannel shirts

Men that love to sport a semi-formal dress code will love this product variant. Designed and manufactured using premium blend of cotton and poly fabric, these shirts are durable and comfortable.

Today esteemed flannel shirts suppliers are available online for you to contact with them by sending an email. Once your bulk order and price derails are confirmed, you can expect a timely delivery and package deals.

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