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Flannel Clothing Ideas For The Men Who Love To Dress Sophisticatedly

At the back of every man’s wardrobe sits a flannel shirt, in all its glory, enjoying the timeless status. If you haven’t owned one already, it’s time to invest in these super stylish shirts for the perfect fall-winter wardrobe.

In this blog, we’ve mentioned how to incorporate the flannel shirt in and out of the office whilst offering some key pointers on style as well.

Flannel Shirt with jeans

The dependable flannel clothing and jeans look needs no real introduction. A flannel shirt and jeans combo is inoffensive and practical, suitable for anything from a boozy lurch across town, to a post-class procrastination session at a nearby café. It has more visual interest than a plain shirt and trouser look, but it just as versatile for most situations.

Flannel Shirt with winter coat

If your corporate overlords have said their last goodbyes to the jacket and tie, in this case the flannel shirt can step into the breach. This requires is a mid-weight flannel in seasonally appropriate colours, with a stiff collar. Combine this with chinos that are on the smarter end of the spectrum – a tapered leg, raised front, in a charcoal, navy, or deep brown.

Flannel Shirts with suit

You might be wondering how a flannel shirt could possibly look respectable in office. Corporate environments are generally more accommodating of unusual ways to wear a suit, so now’s the time for you. A pale blue Prince of Wales check underneath a navy tie and charcoal suit is business savvy and dashing as hell. If you are tie-free, an oversized flannel check can also replace the role of a tie, by adding color and pattern to the open gap between the jacket gorge and buttons.

Flannel Shirt with Jackets

Do you love layers? Flannels are generally heavy, so they’re a spot-on choice for chilly day layering. Flannels are made in varying weights, so you have endless choice for how to approach your layering. Colorful check flannels are also useful in breaking up the tonal monotony of a monochrome layered look, so you’re not short on options.

Do you wish to invest in flannel shirts wholesale for your store? Get in touch with one of the popular manufacturers and browse through the vast assemblage of trendy clothing pieces that the supplier has in store. Drop a mail to the help team communicating the requirements for the same.

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