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Flannel Clothing Pieces For Him And For Her

Flannel shirts have always been the style statement for the worker class, and it was stringent to them only, much recently when the famous names acted as patrons to bring out the style open to the market these clothes started to bloom and people started sporting them with utmost glare. Flannel shirts are very versatile and the tonal hues boasts of elegance and compression, the crisp shape caters to an even silhouette. Today you will get a very wide range of flannel shirts with famous manufacturers that you can add to your retail stock. If you are looking for the best flannel shirts wholesale then you need to check out for the best manufacturer and order your bulk amount.

If you want find out the flannel shirt designs that you can add to your wardrobe check out the list below:

Baggy flannel shirts

If you want to add a flabby look to your style then you can take a look at these over sized flannel shirts which you can pair with jeans and khaki pants which will give you a very quirky and funky outlook. And this is very popular among the teens these days who are all about the EMO culture. You can even layer these shirts with something interesting underneath, and look fashionable!

Wholesale Flannel Shirts

Flannel in the hood

If you want to add something very different and unique to your line of collected flannel clothes then you can try out these flannel hoodies which are available in a range of tones and prints, from sublimation to plaid to even casual prints. And the generic feel of flannel will cater to the comfort and style factor.

Flannel dresses for women

For women looking for the elegant style quotient should take a look at these flannel dresses which are so minimal and elegant that you will instantly fall in love with them. These dresses can be worn with leggings and denim pants as well. The flannel plaid obviously adds to the appeal factor.

For retailers looking for the best flannel shirts for their retail store should get in touch with the best flannel clothes manufacturer who are coming up with the latest pieces of flannel clothes perfect for you to bulk buy.

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