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Here’s Why Flannels Are Flying Off The Shelves

Flannels today are selling like hot cakes among all genders, income and age groups and literally flying off the shelves. Their popularity and demand has never been higher and there are plenty of reasons to decrypt the flannel phenomenon. Flannels today are much softer than the ones worn by our fathers and fore-fathers before the 60’s, because ever since that heritage flannel brands have taken concrete steps to soften the fabric of their flannels. Flannels have always been in style since they were created by flannel shirts manufacturers and here are some reasons to explain why flannels are flying of the shelves and are more popular than ever before.


Flannels are very durable which is a hallmark for their widespread acceptability by the masses. Popularized by lumberjacks who wore them to do rough jobs all through the day and still look presentable at the end of it, flannels today are more durable than they ever have been. Flannels are characterized by their highly abrasion resistant properties which makes them immune from facing the wear and tear. Flannels have a durable fabric since they are made from ringspun combed cotton which ensures that you can wear them for many years to come.


Traditionally made from wool, flannels are very warm and a life-savior for all age groups during the winter and rainy reasons. Despite being extremely warm, they are still able to counter moisture appreciably. No matter how much you sweat out in flannels, the fabrics won’t lose their insulating properties.

Women Flannel Plaid Shirt Manufacturers


Plaids are a fan-favorite for the fall season and they compliment flannels really well. Plaids add a lot of style to outfits making them feel significantly more comfortable. Men and women flannel plaid shirt manufacturers launch a host of exciting patterned flannel shirts all year around to entice the market and grab a bigger share of the market.


A lot of people swear by flannels for its versatility and wear their hearts on their sleeves and their flannels on their bodies, all through the year, be it summer, fall, winter, or spring. Flannels are always fine for pretty much every event under the sun for the sole exception of black tie events. One can simply any kind of flannel clothing, and you can never go wrong. Any gender from any age group can wear flannels  oversized and slouchy or fitted and tucked!


Made from 100% cotton, flannels are breathable. Flannels are available in around 50 different weights and ranks among those fabrics that is easily considered ideal all year round. For example – heavy in winter and lightweight in spring and summer.


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