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How to Care for Flannel Clothes

We believe that the flannel fabric has its fan following. One of the reasons for this is its delectably silky texture. Every time we put on a flannel shirt, we feel like we’ve met the requirements for “mildly opulent street style.”

But how should Flannel Clothing from private label apparel manufacturers be cared for? Because they may be valuable additions to a closet, they must constantly be sought for. Learn how to avoid wasting your flannel.


Flannel may lose its suppleness over time. It is critical to wash your flannel items using a gentle detergent. However, you may delay this process by not using fabric softener instead of using half a cup of vinegar to eliminate soap build-up.

Disclaimer: According to the Washing Machine Law, you should not wash your flannel in hot water. Even a modest wash speed ensures that the cloth is not subjected to excessive stress or friction.


Always air-dry your flannel when feasible. The room temperature prevents pills from forming on it. Squeeze out the extra moisture, put the flannel flat to dry, and avoid stretching it too far as this may cause it to lose its form. Using a dryer will harden and thin out your flannel garments more quickly.


There are several incorrect ways to iron flannel cloth, but only a few correct methods.

Begin with the lowest heat setting and work your way up until you notice the creases vanishing. With a warmed-up iron, you may either place a piece of fabric between the iron and the flannel shirt to avoid shininess from ironing for too long or at an extremely high temperature.

You may also save time by turning the flannel item inside out and ironing the wrong side. Resist overheating the flannel and watch it to see whether the iron is doing more damage than good.

Storing Flannel Clothing

While hanging your flannel shirt, fasten the top button to keep it from sliding off the hanger. When storing flannel inside a drawer, wrap it up in a cylindrical form rather than a square. This makes it easy to find and tuck away in the drawer.

Removing Stains

It’s unfortunate if you spilled anything on your new flannel dress or flannel shirt. To fix this, you’ll need warm water, soap, and a fresh towel. After that, wipe the affected area and set it aside for a few minutes. Note that putting bleach on flannel is a big no-no!

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