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Learn How To Rock The Flannel Button-Down Look

What is it about the men’s wholesale flannel shirts that make them a classic charm that never gets out of fashion? Long-lasting, comfortable, stylish, easy-to-care, and extremely flexible, a flannel shirt that suits exactly right is a staple wardrobe all year long.

Wear it underneath a jumper

There is something really good about a simple, straightforward sweater, but it could use a little bit of support once in a while. Flannels wear fantastic underneath a V-neck or a men’s cardigan sweater since it feels a little less cramped and serious. It can look exceptionally put together when worn underneath a blazer and tucked into jeans or dress trousers with a buckle.

Get the best pair of shoes

Yeah, a flannel shirt may well be paired with nearly any sort of footwear, but bear in mind that the opposites attract you because your favorite shoes can feel fine, but they may not do well to your favorite comfortable flannel. Strangely, dressy leather shoes look fantastic with flannel button-downs, and leather sandals look amazing. Don’t overlook the leather ankle boots. Pair all of those with some rolled up jeans with the flannel tucked in.

Dress up in layers

Layers are the standard, particularly in autumn. That being said, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have to layer a flannel to normal expectations. Wear it under a shape-fitting, thinner jumper, wear it on top of another long-sleeved top with the sleeves rolled up, or even wear it over another flannel. Of course, if it gets too warm, you should wrap it around your waist.

Wear it beneath a vest

Worn underneath a solid-colored fleece or quilted vest, this is where the flannel button-downs would do their best. Given, it doesn’t fit well in the summer months, but it’s a perfect look for spring and autumn, even at any moment there’s a little wind in the air, but it’s not cool enough for a winter coat.

Pair it with the right bottoms

Wearing a flannel button with gent’s corduroy trousers is perfectly appropriate during the season, but not during the summertime. Similarly, during the winter, you wouldn’t wear soft khaki boots. Often it’s more about pacing than the whole look. Pick the best pants for the weather, and more than anything else, ensure you feel secure and relaxed. That’s what the flannel is all about.

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