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The Trendiest Flannel Shirts And The Perfect Pairing Elements

Flannel shirts have always been the styling element featuring the rugged. You will always have the picture of bearded buff dudes with high leather boots and a hay strand clenched to the tooth wearing flannel over a pair of faded stripped jeans. This is the new hip trend right now! The rugged look presents a side of arrogance and futility which is very attractive to the internet now. The versatility of the flannel shirts allow you to wear them wherever and whenever you want to, and much to your surprise you will look fit for all the occasions.

There is something you need to keep in mind and that is how to pair your flannels right, if you mess up your pairing elements, then there is a high chance that you might not pull off the look you would wish to. So, to know about the different pairing elements read on the blog below and know about the different elements brought forward by famous mens flannel shirts manufacturers.

Read on the blog below and know about the different ways you can wear your flannel shirt:

Layering it with a jeans jacket

Flannel shirts are usually winter apparels and looks best when they are paired with jeans jackets. You will feel very comfortable and you won’t have to go out of style to save yourself from the chills. You can layer it over a white round neck tee and the contrast of the blue over the white will give you a hip look. Match it with a wayfarer which will complete the look.

You can wear long flannel shirts in style

If you are worried that your flannel might just be a little too long for you, then you don’t need to bug your head over it, just simply slide in a crown neck or a v-neck under it and leave the buttons of the shirt open, so that it looks a little free and this freestyle will look great on you. You can wear parachute pants with these which are buffed at the middle and the tapered end which will brilliantly pair itself with the top wear.

Styling Flannel shirts with shorts

If you have a sporty figure, then you might want to add some subtle flannel shirt designs and pair them with shorts. This might make you look weird, but you need to try on different ways to look good in them, try tucking it in and you might also want to leave it out and see which one suits you the best. You might also try out wearing beanies with them to make you look a little funky!

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