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This Season, DOUBLE Your Flannel Shirt Sales: 4 Tips

Flannel shirts are everywhere. it’s the ultimate style staple for women and men this season. Bank on this trend to double your online sales. Here’s how to maximize your returns:

1. Get the “summer quality”

Pick wholesale plaid shirts that are ideal to wear in non-winter seasons. Make sure the fabric quality is good and have effective wicking feature. Nothing too thick or heavy. With a soft touch, it must be easy to breathe in.

Understand that finding the right quality isn’t that easy. To that, it won’t be very cheap either. So, look around at different flannel shirt manufacturers and select one that ideally fits your requirements and budget.

2. Avoid the standard varieties

They are already everywhere. Almost all of your competitors have them already. So, don’t go big on the standard varieties, unless you see an evident demand among your potential customers.

Instead, go for newer and less-popular varieties. This will make your collection different and unique from others, which, if marketed well, can become your USP.

Wholesale Plaid Shirts

3. Personalize your wholesale the right way

Your target customers have distinct needs. They have different preferences. The easiest way to satisfy them — and increase your retention — is to listen to them and customize your collection accordingly.

Find out what varieties of flannel they are looking for, what kind of style they have in mind, what’s their budget and more.

And once you know, personalize your wholesale plaid flannel shirts accordingly. This is the sure-shot way to increase your sales easily and quickly.

4. Price it thoughtfully

Of course, this is the fundamental aspect given price remains the biggest influence in customers’ purchase decisions. So, take your time in pricing your wholesale.

Don’t keep the price very low that compromises in your profit margin. Don’t keep it very high either that nobody wants to purchase. Strike a perfect balance. Use discount offers strategically to boost sales quickly.

These are 4 simple tips that will help you double your flannel shirts sales this season.

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