5 Ways to Wear Your Plaid Flannel Shirts This Fall/Winter

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With the Fall/Winter season coming over with a bang, how can your super comfy plaid flannel shirts be stacked in your wardrobe? It’s time to bring them out, and face the light winter chills in a super comfortable yet stylish way! Wait! What? You don’t find any other way to wear your flannel shirts except the boring flannel plaids-on-jeans way? Well, then! Have a look at this blog, and find newer and exciting ways you can team your plaid flannel shirt with—

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  • Mini Skirts and Plaids: Rock it On—

    By miniskirts, denim skirts are strictly not meant. Let’s be different, and team the lovely plaid flannel shirts with skater miniskirts in neutral hues of white or pale blue or pale pink. Tuck in your solid colored shirts, and throw on a comfy jacket—that’s it! Get variety colored wholesale plaid flannel shirts to save up on your pocket.

  • Wrap It On—

    Bring on the 90s style over again: it’s not passé anymore! Wear a denim with a similar colored pullover (you may jazz the look up with a printed-front pullover), and simply tie a flannel shirt around your waist. Check out the flannel tee wholesalers in USA for beautiful colors and amazing discounts.

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  • Use Them as a Jacket—

    Yea; you have heard us absolutely right. All you need for this is your favorite airy summer tunic, preferably full sleeved teamed with your favorite black tights and a pair of comfy brown suede boots. Just throw over your partner’s or your brother’s plaid flannel shirt over the ensemble, and you’re good to go! It’s simple, casual and charming in every way. Check out the men’s flannel shirts USA stores for great variety at amazing rates.

  • Make Perfect Use of the Plaid Dresses:

    Plaid flannel shirt dresses are so en vogue. All you need to do is team them with a pair of black tights—not too flimsy as you would want it to withstand the chill—along with a pair of boots. Throw over a comfy jacket over the ensemble, and you’re done for the day!

  • Make Use of Your Man’s Plaid Flannel Shirt:

     So what if they are oversized? Just wrap a nice belt around the waist, and make it look like a lovely shirt dress. Remember that the more oversized it is, the better! Unkempt hemline soft jackets along with black tights and ballerinas shall sprinkle a lovely feminine touch to your whole look.

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang!

Flannels Wrapped Around The Waist Is Back With A Bang

Everyone has witnessed the dungarees, mirrored glasses and hats make it way back into the fashion world but this season, fashion bloggers all around the world are talking about the revival of the 90’s grunge trend. This trend typically involved tying flannel shirts around the waist paired up with ripped jeans, sneakers or boots. Since no trend has ever come back without a single reinvention, here are 3 hottest ways for the ladies to wear their plaid shirts that are totally going to rock this trend this season.

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Wrap it around Jeans to Relive the Grunge Era

This is the most classic and common way to pull this look off. To nail this look, pay great attention to the color of the shirt and either make it match the color of your outfit or go for bold colored plaids to make it pop. If you want to give out the ‘Don’t Mess with Me’ message to all the boys looking your way, then pair it up with a biker jacket. Look grungy and relive the 90’s all over again. As far as shoes are concerned, don’t be afraid to play around and feel free to mix it up with flats, boots and even heels and as for jeans, any skinny or straight fitting ones would do great.

Wrap the Flannel Shirt around Skorts, Shorts or Skirts

This is an amazing way to combine the chic yet tough look. Skorts, shorts or skirts are anyway statement pieces on its own and adding the shirt-wrap just helps to accentuate and flatter the waist area even more. The key to pulling off this look is to pair it up with a neutral colored top or a light sweater as this will help to tone the outfit down a bit. Always remember that less is more! Sometimes being simple just might be the answer for looking ravishing and eye-catching.

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Plaid Shirts Look Great With Dresses Too!

Ladies, if you have raised your eyebrows with the thought of wrapping flannels around the waist with dresses, then clearly you have never tried to dress outside of the box! Flannels with dresses are a great way to achieve the casual yet chic look and is perfect for all those times when you want to wear a dress but do not want to look to overly dressed. To achieve the best results, try wrapping flannels around a body-con or t-shirt dress. For a more harmonized look, pick a shirt that has the same color as the dress.

So what are you waiting for? Dig in your boyfriend’s closet to find a shirt to wrap around your waist or look for manufacturers dealing in the sale of wholesale plaid flannel shirts. Whether you require flannels for personal or commercial purposes, buying in bulk will always be advantageous on the financial front.