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Revive Old Flannel Shirt Lying In Your Wardrobe With Some New Hacks

The flannel shirt is a wardrobe staple. It is our default shirt for fall. You can sport it unbuttoned on top of a tee, or buttoned up and tucked in your jeans. But truth be told, we are already bored with these looks. So we did a bit of street style scouring for you and came up with few fresh ways to revise the womens plaid flannel shirts wholesale. Choose your favorite from the options given beneath and start sporting them right away.

Pair an oversized flannel along with a denim skirt

The oversized factor in this particular outfit is exactly what you will fall in love with. It is not your usual prim and proper attire but still feels stylish because of pieces like your slide on boots and a polka dot side bag. Loose-fitting can be fashionable. Give this effortless un-tucked ensemble a go when you are not in a mood to create a new outfit for yourself and rather be in your pajamas.

Dress in a flannel beneath a dress

We try to think of flannel as either a standalone shirt or something to put over. Flip this idea out of your head; instead, rock it beneath a leather dress like some fashion blogger. The startling combination feels edgy and fresh, particularly if you get a hold of a super stylish mini dress. Throw in some shade with accessories like strap heels and a handbag.

Try tucking in your flannel halfway

The baggy flannel represents the coziness of your partner’s but fits right around your arms and shoulders. Rather than teaming a top with jeans, sport that with a pair of joggers. Not only are they baggy and thus comfier, but they also instill your attire with a partly-sporty vibe. Ditch your sneakers for once and slip into a kitten mule for an even more stylish look.

Thought of rocking your flannel with a pair of corduroy pants?

So….Corduroy pants are back and they make for an effortless upgrade to your regular jeans and flannel combination. You can pair your flannel with vibrant colored bottoms and accessorize that with hues of a yellowish tint to give it a golden vibe altogether. White mules with a low block heel with make your look modern and chic, not dated and frumpy.

So, retailers get in touch with popular best quality flannel shirts manufacturers and place your bulk order for the trendiest of pieces.

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