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How To Sport A Flannel Shirt Every Season: Celeb Edition

When you think about how to don a flannel shirt, you are possibly not flooded with creative outfit ideas. Wholesale plaid flannel shirts are comparatively the old faithful of fall tops, the one that leaves your dresser in the month of September, and only if you are teaming it up with denim and riding boots.

With celebs like Gigi Hadid and Taylor Swift as your guide, you will see that flannels mustn’t be curbed to one season or one kind of outfit. Here’s how to put on a flannel shirt, some celeb-approved ways.


At times a leather jacket or legit denim is extremely heavy to be your outer layer. That is the moment to learn how to sport a flannel shirt as passing outerwear. An unbuttoned flannel shirt along with an oversized fit sits properly on top of a classic band t-shirt and jeans, like model Liu Wen’s airport look. Roll on each sleeve once, and then push them up your arms to get that casual look.


When a turquoise flannel just like Kendall Jenner’s comes your way, adjourn to an old fashion beloved, the monochromatic attire. Pair your jeans to the biggest stripe in your flannel shirt for a relaxed look that riffs on one shade.

Layered with denim

Flannel has some natural allies in the world of fashion, and denim is one of them. Get the two together just like Hailey Bieber in a hybrid flannel and denim jacket, or sport a cropped denim jacket over a bigger flannel shirt. To dress up in these two relaxed fabrics; try on a pointed bootie or a sock boot just like her.

Over activewear

If someone asked how to sport a flannel shirt to the gymnasium, you may presume they don’t know what flannel is. But imagine flannel as a comfy substitute for a sweatshirt. Sport a boxy flannel shirt unbuttoned or buttoned with chunky sneakers and leggings, either way, flannel’s athletic interpretation is a Gigi Hadid favorite.

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