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4 Ways to Wear a Red Flannel Shirt this Fall and a Bonus Look

A red flannel shirt is worth too much praise! It is the absolute best. Be it comfort or style, a red flannel shirt tops it all with ease and grace. So how to wear it this fall? Here is a comprehensive list that deals with how to wear a red flannel shirt during the fall season for four different occasions. a bonus look is also mentioned.

Way 1: For Simple Casual Appearances

Casual and flannel walk hand in hand. They are so synonymous with each other that even the slight mention of one brings into the picture the other one. A flannel shirt works well for almost all casual occasions. And when you plan to just go out and about, slip into a red plaid version. Team it with a pair of black jeans and knee-length boots in tan. A sleeveless quilted jacket on top of the shirt (a black textured one will do the look good) and a scarf complementing the shade of the boots (predominantly brown) will complete the spontaneous and natural appearance.

Way 2: For a Date Night

A date night calls for dressing up at your best, but if you are the leader of not dressing squad, then this is the perfect look for you. Simple and elegant, all you need is to put together a red flannel shirt and a pair of black jeans together. If your date is set in the open (for that extra touch of romance), you will need protection unless you are okay with the wine freezing in your mouth. Slip into a nice woolen cardigan in black minus any embellishment and let the collars and cuffs peek out from under to give it a smart finish. Pick a pair of glittery pumps to add spark to the monotony of the ensemble.

Bonus look: Since the motive of the article is to let the readers learn ways to wear a red flannel shirt, here is a bonus look that is worth the try. As it is getting colder with every passing day, wear a red cardigan over a pair of jeans and ankle-length boots. To complete the look, tie a blue flannel shirt around your waist for a vintage appearance. You can use a beanie to keep yourself further protected from the chilly winds. Women’s flannel shirts in a number of colors are available with the best of the manufacturers.

Way 3: For a Formal Party

A black lace skirt will never get old. It will always remain that sassy and sexy, regardless your age or season. (That was a bit stretched but it is the truth). Teaming such a versatile piece with another classic slice of clothing is a risky business but spectacular nonetheless. Tuck in the red plaid extravagance in the skirt. Opt for a black textured lace skirt that comes up to the knee to keep your legs warm. A chunky neckpiece, a pair of pumps in black and red lips is all you need to look gorgeous. If you feel the heat, drape a trench coat around, but remove it when in the warmth of the room.

Way 4: For Lunch with Friends

Now, going for lunch with friends is also casual as many may argue, but there is a difference. A little dressing up is required for this particular occasion (if you don’t want your selfies to suck badly!). The variation of the look here lies in the dealing of the outerwear. You still wear your red flannel shirt and a pair of denim (in blue) and complete the look with a pair of knee-length ankle boots. But to keep yourself warm and to add to your elegant look, throw over a grey draper.

Thus, make use of the red plaid flannel shirt in the most conspicuous way this fall. And get appreciated for your simple and sophisticated fashion choices. Each of the looks has been approved by the fashion police so you can be assured of stunning results.

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