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Wholesale Cotton Flannel Designs You Need this Season!

Flannel is back and how – manufacturers and wholesalers are in the zone designing new shirts, and this genre is going to form a major chunk now. The style has been an iconic part of western men’s attire and today, it is also making its mark in the women’s apparel fashion.

This blog is going to find out what the best wholesale cotton flannel shirts design for this season, so that if you are planning to add some fun to your wardrobe, you can do it the right way. Now, let’s find out what these are –

1. The Monochrome Flannel Shirt

Whenever someone hears of flannel shirt, they invariably think of the plaid design, but that isn’t all flannel is about. The monochrome design is testimony to the variety that is flannel and gives the user plenty of space to experiment with its solid color variations.

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You can find the monochrome pieces with any of the leading flannel retailers and really experiment with layering, formal, semi-formal, and casual looks. In fact, because of the cotton flannel fabric quality, you can use this extensively during the summers as well.

2. The Multicolored Plaid Flannel Shirt

Red and black checked shirt is not the sole copyright owner of the plaid flannel shirt – this one is a popular variant too. The multicolored cotton flannel shirt can have checked boxes and overlaps of different colors and that is what makes the design so popular.

You can wear it and pair it with all kinds of trousers to reinvent different looks with a bit of spice. From layering it over white tees to wearing it casually over contrasting chinos, there is a lot that you can do with this particular design of flannel. You can tuck it in, or leave it untucked, the choice is yours – but, the results are always amazing.

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3. The Tricolor Broad Checked Cotton Flannel shirt

If you are looking for something on a little bit different plane, then the tricolor broad checked cotton shirt is a brilliant choice. The checks come a lot bigger and these are generally amalgamated between three colors – a popular combination is blue, white, and bluish grey.

The cotton fabric gives the shirt a light yet sure and durable texture, and makes it a trustworthy choice of apparel for the proletariats and hipsters. Men and women also wear this design over sized to add a bit of alternative fusion to mainstream fashion.

You will get all of the above designs from any retailer who gets his collection from a top flannel shirts manufacturer. These trends are the latest in the world of cotton flannel, and the fabric allows you to have all the flannelette trends fun during summer itself!


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