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Why Men Will Always Look Good in Flannel Shirts?

Men and flannel shirts have always had a love and love relationship, and both complement each other in more ways than one. But what is it that makes this apparel so relatable to men – and gets women crazy for their look. Want to find out?

Here’s a look at why wholesale mens flannel shirts have a way with men and why it has been so for decades –

The Lumberjack Effect

The lumberjack has always been the epitome of cliched and classic masculine beauty – tough, bearded, messy hair, an intense look, and wearing a flannel shirt. Part of why this popular shirt type is so appealing is because a lot of men and women associate the plaid design with this look and that has been the case forever.

Lumberjacks are raw and untamed, far from the metro sexuality of urban men – way more primitive and musky. Once you have the flannel shirt in your wardrobe, this is one look you should consider pulling off.

The Hipster or Intellectual Flavor

Sapiosexuality is gaining new ground in the information age and everyone, men and women, cannot get enough of thinkers and intellectuals. Oddly enough, the same flannel plaid design that has been such a quintessential part of the lumberjack look is the same apparel that offers a significant contribution to the hipster or intellectual look.

It all depends on how one wears the shirt and you can try any of the looks you want.

The Forever Cowboy Look

Cowboys have been the recurring casts in the dreams of women over the centuries because of their chivalry, rugged looks, and spontaneous lifestyle that they seem to carry themselves with in movies and on television.

The cowboy look is also easily achievable – all one needs is a pair of distressed jeans, high top boots, and the wholesale flannel shirt. All these three combined is going to make any guy be the subject of women’s dreams – just do not forget to get a clean shave.

Now that you have got the explanation of why flannel shirts are just the thing that make women go crazy and how it comes up with different appeals for different minds, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your nearest flannel retailer and make sure that you get a good look at the different color combinations before you make the buy!

Get going now – and if you do have any new ideas of what makes the flannel works, share it with us now!

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