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5 Flannelette Shirt Dressing Options for Style This Summer!

Flannelette is a lighter more summer-proof cousin of flannel that gives everyone similar dress options that one gets from flannel. Generally made from cotton, it is a good way to mix things up in summer and add more variety to your wardrobe. One can find plenty of options in flannelette shirts womens and men. Because of its versatile design trends, it can be used well as formal, casual, and semi-formal wear and also be experimented with in a more alternative way.

Wondering how?

This blog reveals 5 dressing options that will make flannelette your new fashion staple!

Loose Flannelette Shirt with Linen Pants

Linen pants are a summer staple all over the world for its soft fabric texture, breathability, and comfort. And what goes terrific with these pants are loose fit flannelette shirts.
Combining hippie, hipster, adventurer, and urbane looks together to bring out the very best of the season, this look is a definite casual head turner.

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Plus, it really sits well with both sexes and is very efficient in keeping one cool. Need we say anymore?

Flannelette Shirt Layered with Graphic Tee and Denims underneath

The epitome of cool summer fashion is brought out in this look like no other. Solid color graphic tees and distressed denims have gone hand in hand for seasons immemorial; however, the addition of the flannelette shirt with buttons open is definitely a breath of fresh air.

It provides protection for your skin, looks amazing and casually Hollywood, and could showbiz wonders with a pair of wayfarers on top and some cool sneakers at the bottom.

P.S. – if you are wearing this, be ready to get appreciated as premium head turner property!

Crops, Shirts, and Shorts

This one’s a special for the flannel loving ladies that are all into the fashion trend. Layering a white or black crop top with mid waist shorts and a flannelette shirt on top, this look makes street and high street look like its parents!

If you have the right attitude, then you can go all out with some really cool sneakers and that would be next level too!

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Tip: Denim super shorts go well with this look and show off your toned legs just the right amount in summer.

A Hint of Biceps and Some Coolness to go with it

If you have been working out on those guns for summer, now is a good time to let them out. Available with any bulk flannel shirts retailer, this flannelette super short sleeved shirt can be well paired with some straight fit blue denims.

The look tries to mix up street and casual together in a way that it blends in to create something new.

Full Sleeve Fitted Flannelette Shirts with summer shorts

A classic that has never gone out of style. Wear it buttoned right up to the neck or leave the top buttons open; or maybe if you want, you could fold the sleeves up to your elbows or wear them full sleeved; whatever suits your sense of style.

Wear the shorts a bit colorful, to bring out the best in the look.

After taking a creative look into 5 of these looks, isn’t flannelette already a part of your wardrobe in your mind. That’s the magic of classics, we suppose!