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Carry Plaid Flannel Shirt to Office in Style With These Style Tips

Plaid and flannel are two words that define casual summer wardrobe perfectly. But, did you know that these summer casual essentials can be carried to office as well without co employees and bosses raising their eyebrows? Plaid and that too in flannel is neat, classy, effortless and cool making them a soothing relief to summer scorched eyes and this should be reason enough to carry them anywhere you please. As far as formal or semi formal areas like office spaces are concerned, these very. Some simple style tips are sure to help you:

Choose Light Pastel Color Combinations

Plaid is often known for sprightly interplay of bright colors. Fuchsia, bright coral, neon yellow, lime green, arctic blue etc are some of the most common shades that experience a spillage in these options. However, when it comes to choosing options compatible with office wear, it is best to stick with soothing pastels. Lightest shade of blue, shades of white, mauve, and even pastel peach and pink plaid flannel shirts can be mentioned as an example.

Design Makes All The Difference

Design makes a whole lot of difference when it comes to passing a certain piece of outfit as formal, semi formal, party or casual. Plaid shirts for offices usually sport very crisp cuts that may be regular in shape but never falling off the shoulders. The neckline needs to be compatible with the office atmosphere; round neck and winged collars being current style favorites. All the way button up shirts are more preferred in formal spaces than otherwise.

Summer Jackets Say It All

Women plaid flannel shirts for office wear is always assured to get an instant spirited boost when topped with light cotton summer jackets preferably in muted pastel colors. Whether tuck in shirts or tuck out, jackets can produce a no-nonsense head turning effect on the wearers in no time at all. Choosing the right jacket may take a while but the outcomes are usually worth the effort.

Bottom Wear Compatibility is a Must

Whether you like it or not, plaid shirts do have a casual bent to them. This makes it more than just imperative to choose appropriate bottom wears to team up with the shirts. Straight fit trousers with tuck in flannel shirts and mono tone A line skirts or knee length pencil skirts with tuck in or tuck out plaid flannel top wear can be mentioned as functional examples.

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