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Classic Flannel Shirts with A Modern Twist for Different Affairs

Flannel shirts has remained a classic off-duty favorite for many. But only a few know that they are as easy to style for casual fun outings as for office. While most people associate them with the 90’s grunge style, others just love to flaunt them when styled with skinny jeans and short skirts. So whether you are channelling the classic silhouettes look of Marilyn Monroe or sporting with your own favorite modern styles, like slim-fit jeans and strappy heels, look forward to these tips on how to crack the most stunning look for wherever you head to.

Street to work

If you have often put on your best flannel shirts with trousers but feared to wear them to your workplace, now you can give them a nod. For instance, when you are wearing one in red and black checks, pair it up with a toned down grey blazer and trousers to create a no-nonsense corporate look.

Casual getaways

Whether it is an unplanned outing with your childhood buddies or a pre-planned Sunday brunch at your relative’s place, get ready within a few minutes with your newly purchased flannel shirts Canada and a pair of denim hot pants. For more comfort to legs, choose between funky slippers and flat gladiators.

High society parties

If you cannot splurge on high key sequinned dresses, then make room for bright flannels. All you need to do is put on your most trusted little black dress with a fresh blue and grey plaid shirt worn over it. This will not only stand out as a unique style, but also lend you enough warmth in a chilly night while coming within your limited budget. With them and your knee-high boots, you are ready to turn heads in the party.

Night out with peeps

Are you making plans to spend the Saturday evening with your friends with music and drinks kept side by side? Then the perfect chill-out dress up would be a red, blue and white chequered plaid shirt with faux leather leggings and not to forget, your best black ankle booties. Now you are all set to dance the night away with style and much swag.

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