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Fall Perfect Flannel Style Ideas For Women Who Love To Dress Classy!

The flannel shirt is a closet staple. It’s the default shirt for the fall season and honestly, you can wear it in so many unique ways! But, truth be told, chances are that you might be bored of the same old looks. So we did a little street style scouring for you and found cool fresh ways to rework the flannel.

Hence, read on the blog below to know how you transform your flannel style. Retailers who wish to invest in flannel shirts bulk for their store can contact one of the popular suppliers. Thus, read on to know more about the style.

  • Unlike bulky wool sweaters, flannels are optimized for layering. To nail the look, wear your flannel over a graphic pullover, then added a leather jacket with a furry trim on top. To keep the layers from overwhelming the figure, make sure the jacket hit right at the hips while the flannel peeked out just a tad.
  • Flannel and jeans is super predictable. But a flannel and skirt outfit is unexpected. Wear your shirt as you would any button-down and tuck it into a pencil skirt or a flared a-line skirt. The combination makes your casual flannel look fancy, but the business-appropriate look is less stuffy than when you’re wearing a stark white button-down.
  • Doesn’t matter if you didn’t play sports in high school or college. You don’t have to be a pro sportsperson to pull off the varsity look. The flannel and varsity combo is not so popular but owing to the changes in the weather and practical color choice, you’ll find out that the pairing definitely works. To give this outfit a bit of edge, wear with a pair of heeled combat boots.
  • Simply wrap your flannel around your waist. The ensemble consists of just three pieces: a minimalist T-shirt, a flannel of your choice, and a pair of crop flared jeans. You might think wrapping a shirt around your waist is so middle school, but it’s approved by both street style stars and models. The fashion trick is not only practical when the weather is fickle, but it also adds a stylish element to your outfit.

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