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History And Growth Of Flannel Shirts : Style Tips To Get Perfection

The pervasive and trendy flannel shirts have been the wardrobe staple since a long time, and just like your button down white shirts, or the classic blue washed denim, the black coat, your cannot do away without the flannel shirt. A rescuer during any casual outings, flannel plaid shirts, quintessentially of the 90’s are the style quotients for many, and your closet is not complete without them. Be it the tartan plaid, madras, gingham or something else, it is important of have them in two three check and color patterns. Transcending decades, genders, classes and other barriers, the grunge special plaid flannels once made famous by Kurt Cobain, Eddie Vedder, and other musicians, have become the most exciting and popular fashion statements of today’s times.

In the 1850’s, the Pennsylvania-based Woolrich Woolen Mills had first introduced the buffalo prints plaid flannel shirts in red and black, which was comfy for the fall and the button down structure definitely became fashionable. It was mainly in the 1940’s when plaid flannel became the mainstream fashion stance and it became the dressing essential for men and women ion the weekends. We can never forget how celeb Marilyn Monroe made it a rang by sporting it causally again and again. Other than her, it was Daisy’s hot denim shorts and knotted plaid shirts in the television show The Dukes of Hazard, which made the shirts a sexy and sensuous style appeal. Among men, George Clooney made his appearance on the world of television wearing plaid shirts.

It was in the 1990’s when the grunge spirit of plaid flannel shirts began, and music band like Nirvana flaunted them through their members and in their videos. The history of plaid shirts though have changed again and again, today the plaid shirts have made it to the mainstream fashion world be it the college going crowd or the homemakers, and the office goers, the plaid shirts crafted by the reputed flannel shirt UK companies is definitely witnessed everywhere. If you are looking to wear plaid flannel shirts for the first time and wondering what to follow before buying them, we have got you covered with few of the basic tips and ideas.

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Get The Right Color

Plaid flannel shirts being a complete fashion craze now have been crafted in a wide array of color options and it is up to you on which style definition you would want. For the traditions plaid flannel shirt grunge look, try out the muted and neutral hues like navy, red, grey and white or black and for the quirky voguish vibes, the neon’s and brighter hues with tinge of black would be fine.

Try Materials According To Weather Conditions

Flannel shirts always doesn’t mean the warm and cozy fabric, you can change them to different materials like the sheer-cotton, lightweight and mixture of synthetic flannels. This will help you wear them all year around.

Think About The Patterns And Prints

Fro larger checks to smaller, the flannel plaids have a lot of little details in patterns , sizes and background colors which can be opted for to deck yourself up in unique style essences every time.

Go For Tailored Fits

The over sized ones won’t give you the grungy appeal, rather the tailored to perfection plaid shirts crafted by the top-notch flannel shirts Canada manufacturing companies will help you get the right silhouette easily.


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