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Wholesale Flannel Plaid Shirts for Women- The First-Time Buyers Guide

After years of dominance in women’s wardrobe, denim shirts have finally been demoted- courtesy of designer flannel plaid shirts women. Today top flannel clothing manufacturers are offering plenty of varieties that have made this sub-niche very lucrative to venture for small businesses. If you are buying flannel plaid shirts women’s wholesale for the first time, before jumping onto the type of varieties that you should stock, there are few things that you need to remember when shopping.

5 Things to Remember

  • Just as is the case in Men’s department, dark red-black and blue-red combo rules here as well.
  • These shirts need not need to be perfect fit. A moderate fitting or a loose fitting is just as perfect. Many girls still treat them as ‘boyfriends shirts’, which are suppose to be baggy.
  •  Women will consider and prioritize the quality of these shirts more than men.
  • They are women’s shirts- they come in many varieties; and that is not just about the color and patterns but also different fits, overall length and width.
  • Unlike men, women will wear these shirts with a range of bottom types- shorts, jeans, skirts, and more. So you have to be considerate of this as well.

Choosing the Right Varieties

When buying the wholesale of flannel plaid shirts for women, you have to be very careful about the color combinations. Like mentioned, they will wear them with many different types of bottoms, and the color combinations must complement these shorts, skirts, denims, leggings and whatnot. Same goes about choosing the right pattern variations.

You can of course play safe by buying that warm red-black flannel shirts wholesale, as well as dark blue-black. These two varieties are classic and super popular in women’s departments. Also there are many manufacturers who are offering a range of custom varieties-fresh varieties- like flannel long shirt tunics, no-sleeve flannel shirts and so forth. You can experiment with them as well.

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