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3 ways to wear flannel shirt this season for an off-duty appearance

Tracing the origin of flannel is like ruffling through the numerous pages of history. With their inception in the 17th Century Scotland, it can be easily understood why this long standing piece of fabric has been on the top.Aesthetically speaking, a flannel shirt is enormously versatile and flamboyant. It plays on low risk, which means team it with anything; it is destined to work well. Enthusiasts have followed the trend of flannel for a few seasons and have seen an immense surge in business of the same due to the emerging trends in the circuit that promote flannel in its supreme form.

If you want to use flannel to your advantages, you need to learn how to wear them. Yes, it has been mentioned in the article already that they are versatile. But that doesn’t give the license to use it any way you wish to. There are a few prescribed ways in which you can exploit your flannel shirt. Here is looking at them in a glance.

The casual inspiration

Whenever you hear casual and flannel together, the basic instinct runs towards the grunge impact and a coupling effect with the jeans, but wait, it is not the only combination in the town. Since the weather is inclined towards boiling you alive, give some lemons to it by teaming a black flannel shirt with a pair of khaki shorts. Sounds interesting right? It is! A pair of low tops sneakers and round retro shades is all you need to stand out even if it just a cup of coffee you are getting. And if by the sunset, the chilly autumn winds hit you, throw over a simple knitted sweater over. Clean and uncomplicated at its best.

The sports book look

Yes, an athleisure is possible with a flannel shirt. The key, however, is to go simple and refrain from using too many patterns together. A pair of joggers will give your silhouette a nice boost, especially when teamed with a flannel shirt. Throw over a bomber jacket over to maintain the cool status quo. You have to go no extra lengths with this ensemble. A pair of white plimsolls and you will be flannel ready. Cool flannel clothing like shirts in various colors and textures can be purchased from the top manufacturers in the industry.

Going the smart way

Smart casual is the latest trend in the industry and we are bound by the predisposition to follow them from the heart. Now, without diverting from the topic. It is actually an interesting observation that classic suits are now fast becoming a thing of the past. It is actually picking individual pieces and putting them together to form a stunning ensemble. Looking at it that way, team your flannel shirt with a structured blazer and a pair of chinos, all coordinated through their colors. A pair of loafers will maintain the casual vibe while helping you stand out in the crowd.

Thus, with all its softness and comfort, a flannel shirt is the staple in your closet. But you have to learn how to use it right. Follow the given style tips in the article and set your own personal style statement.

Manufacturers also known for being a reputed flannel clothing brand, have a vast collection displayed in their catalog that can be purchased by the retailers while securing special discounts.


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